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How to Find the Right Herefordshire Firewood Supplies

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Choosing the right wood has much more to do than keeping warm during the winter season. Apart from efficient, the wood also has a role to play in ensuring safety.


Choosing the wrong firewood supplies can easily lead to the following problems –


·         Chimney fires

·         Ventilation issues

·         Creosote build-up

·         Inefficient fires


Burning a fire is wonderful during the winter season in Herefordshire, allowing one to feel warm and cosy during the coldest, snowy months. With the correct Herefordshire firewood supplies, it is possible to avoid the problems mentioned above very easily. If done right, it could also help saving money in the long-run.


1. Buy Firewood Beforehand


When it comes to wood, it is best to buy them earlier. It is particularly a cheaper option as it allows plenty of time to dry the wood. It usually takes about 1-6 years for logs to dry properly. Therefore, it is best to get burning wood that is ‘seasoned’ or pre-dried.


It is never wide to burn wet wood as it won’t generate enough warmth and also lead to air pollution. In the absence of dry wood, it is best to look for an alternative heat source.


2. Purchase from a Trustworthy Source


People who want to stock up on wood, it is best to get in touch with a trustworthy source offering decent Herefordshire firewood supplies. Make sure that the company has a reputation in the market by rigorously going through client testimonials and ratings. Asking for recommendations from friends and family members would also be a great way to find the right source.


While looking for a company, it is also essential to research about the processes they use to remove the excess moisture content. It will offer a fair insight into the quality provided by the business.


3. Look for ‘Better Burning’ Wood


Certain woods burn better than the rest. People who have been looking for logs that create the least amount of smoke without compromising on the warmth must do adequate research on logs and their types. Blue Gum, Douglas Fir, and Plantation Pine are considered to be one of the best that’s available in the market for a decent fire.


Apart from the type, the size of the dry firewood should also be kept in mind. Logs need to be in the right size to ensure that the burning is clean. Logs less than 110mm in diameter would be ideal for ensuring the right level of warmth without having to deal with excess smoke.


Effective Practices to Store Wood


After getting adequate supplies, it is essential to follow the right practices to store the wood.


·         It is essential to keep them dry, which will ensure that they are ready to burn whenever there is a need. It is best to invest in a cover to protect against environmental elements without hindering ventilation.

·         Firewood should not be stored on the bare ground because it can easily rot or deteriorate. Additionally, the ground has moisture, which could be easily transferred to the wood. Therefore, it is best to store supplies on stones, pallets, or on a firewood rack.

·         It is also not wise to keep excess supplies close to the house. When large piles of logs are kept near the house, it can attract pests and critters to seek shelter in the house, leading to inconvenience. Because of its reason, it is ideal for storing firewood at least at a five feet distance.


Closing Thoughts


At times, the winter season can be cold and harsh. However, with the right wood logs, it is possible to enjoy the beauty of the cold, wintery nights curled up next to a fire for warmth.



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