How to Fix an Ethernet Network with a Routing or IP Address Issue?


It's never a good sign when the internet connection isn't working, and you see an error message like this. If you're seeing this error message it means there is something wrong with your computer network and without a valid IP address, it won't connect to the internet. When we say "IP address" we mean either your routing or Ethernet IP address which differ in meaning but are both important for connecting to the internet. There are different types of errors like Ethernet doesn't have a valid IP configuration or Ethernet isn't connecting (or not getting an IP). How do I fix my IP settings for Ethernet? Reset my router settings? Change my Ethernet IP address?


What is an IP address and why does it matter?

An IP address (or IPv) is the number that uniquely identifies your computer network on a local or wide area network. The internet works by sending packets of information between computers and routers using addresses, so without an IP address, it won't be able to send you any data at all. Your home router assigns each device connected to its wifi signal an IP address. Assigning an IP address ensures proper communication between your wireless router and other devices.

Why are you getting this error message?

If you're having trouble connecting to the internet, your computer network might have a routing or IP address issue that needs to be fixed for it to work again. If this is happening on both Ethernet and wifi networks, then there could be something wrong with your home's router settings. The common causes could be your home router setting not being set up to assign IP addresses, or if you have a new wifi router without an SSID name.

The first step is to figure out what type of error message your computer is giving you and then go from there since different errors require different fixes. One way that works for many people with routing issues in their home network is resetting the router and then restart your computer or resetting your computer's network adapter.


How to fix the issue "Ethernet doesn’t have a valid IP Configuration"?

To fix an Ethernet network with a routing or IP address issue, you will need to change your computer's setting for the Ethernet. Sometimes this can only be done by getting into the settings of your router and assigning it a valid IP configuration. This is typically found under "Local Area Network" or LAN Settings in Windows XP and Vista. Changing these instructions may take some trial and error before coming up with a solution that works best for you. The most common cause of this error message is when there are not enough available IP addresses on your home network which means more routers might have to share them.

The error message "Ethernet Doesn't have a valid IP Configuration" most likely signals that you're experiencing problems connecting to the internet. One possibility is that your computer's Ethernet card simply doesn't have a valid IP configuration, so this can be remedied by resetting it.

There could also be something wrong at Comcast Xfinity if you're using their internet service as well such as not having any connection or if there are other Ethernet-related issues on account of some sort of problem with the router.

The other reasons for valid IP configuration error could be :

  • Outdated network adapter drivers

The best way of updating the Ethernet adapter driver is manually uninstalling and then reinstalling from Device Manager and following the detailed steps mentioned in Techie Trickle’s article above.

  • Incorrect Network configuration

To fix this issue, you need to flush the DNS server by using the command ipconfig flushdns. Obtain the DNS server address and enter it manually.

Once you flush the DNS server and renew the IP address, your ethernet should work.

It might take a while for this to be fixed but it will resolve any connectivity issue you're having if not other problems at Comcast Xfinity account or router too.

  • Loose or faulty Ethernet cable

This is one of the most common issues which could be easily fixed by just checking the connection.

Physical damage to the Ethernet cable or port on router/computer

It's a good idea to test and make sure that all of your cables are securely plugged in, while also making sure there is no physical damage like bends in the wires. You can check the detailed steps and fixes here.

  • Recent Windows update

Your recent Windows update could be one of the reasons for this problem "Ethernet doesn't have a valid IP configuration" error message

To solve the problem, follow these few steps: 

Go to Update & Security and select Windows Update

Click on the Check for updates button and let it update your system. 

Once done restart your PC.

How do I fix my IP settings for Ethernet?

Reset your IP settings. You can do this by following these instructions:

Go to Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center > Local Area Connection Status > Select Properties (if needed) then click on the Obtain an IP address automatically option, or select Use a different method if you want to use a static IP address. Now restart your computer and your issue should be resolved. If it still isn't, follow these instructions:

Press Windows Key + R to open the Run dialog and type cmd.exe then press enter. Now type the command below and press enter.

ipconfig /release

ipconfig /all

If you're using a static IP, renew the DHCP settings. If it's a DHCP type, just press Enter, then release the connection by typing exit twice and pressing Enter the second time. Now restart your computer to get back online!

How to reset my router settings?

For this, you will need to get the default login information for your router. Usually, this is by running a quick Google search with your modem's manufacturer and model, or it should be on the bottom of the device itself.

Once you have that, open up an internet browser, then type the default IP address for your router. 

This will take you to a login page that will require username and password information to reset it.

How do I change my Ethernet IP address?

If you're using DHCP on your internet connection, this can be done by clicking through settings or typing an "ipconfig". Now type the new IP address you want to use and then hit ENTER.

How do I access my router settings?

To get back online, all that is needed is the default login information for your router. Usually, this can be found by running a quick Google search with your modem's manufacturer and model or on the bottom of the device itself. Once you find the login information, type it in and log into your router settings.



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Remember that a good connection is all about understanding how IP addresses work and making sure your settings are configured correctly on both your computer's network adapter as well as the router itself. 

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