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How to fix an office chair that won't stay up

A comfortable office chair is our necessity to perform our tasks smoothly. If the office chair does not stay up, it isn't very pleasant and certainly influences its potential or efficiency.

Sometimes the new Xbox one gaming chair may not stay up even if it is in good shape. Such chairs may remain to stay up when no one is sitting on them, but they don't remain in the same condition once they are in use or sit on the chair.


When a person could not perform his work efficiently on a chair, then he must think to get rid of it. If you are thinking about replacing the chair and buying a new one, you don't need to waste money in this way. Instead, you can fix this chair and save your money and get your chair in good condition.


If you are experiencing the same issue and your office chair keeps sinking whenever you sit on it, we have the best techniques to fix an office chair that won't stay. For this purpose, we first need to understand how an office chair works.

The Anatomy of an office chair

The office chair consists of these main segments. There is a padded back for the backrest. A base is present that contains wheels for the movement. A seat that contains a plate that associated with a lever. The most significant component is the gas cylinder.

The bookworm

When no one is sitting on the chair, the chair remains at its standard height and stays up because the Cylinder's pressure is more than the atmospheric pressure. When a person sits on the chair, it exerts the lever's pressure, and then the piston moves into the chamber. This process inserts the pressure and compresses the air in the Cylinder. This system adjusts the height of the chair that enables the chair to sink and rises. And if the chair won't stay up, it means there is a fault in the Cylinder and does not perform its function correctly.

It may be possible that you are thinking of replacing the Cylinder but wait for a second, would it not cost equivalent to a new chair? So the best solution to sort out this problem is to fix the chair.

A Hose Clamp

You can easily find a hose clamp, also known as a jubilee clip, at any hardware store. A hose clamp is a device that is very useful in securing hose pipes on taps. It would be best to have a hose clamp for the process, which can be quickly wrapped around a cylinder, a screwdriver, and duct tape. And of course, it's easy and rewarding۔

1: Remove the Plastic Covering from the Cylinder

Generally, all chairs come with plastic covering office chairs with a protective plastic skirt that covers them. To access the metallic Cylinder, slide it up or down.

2: Adjust the Chair height

For your comfort, adjust the chair to your preferred height. You'll find it more difficult to adjust the chair height after the whole process, so it's recommended to set the height. Ensure that your feet are comfortable on the floor while sitting on the chair. Doing so will keep you from getting tired at work.

3: Wrap the Clamp around the Cylinder

Pull out the belt by turning the screw anti-clockwise to release it on the Clamp. When you release it, then loosely wrap the hose clamp around the Cylinder.

4: Wrap Duct Tape around the Cylinder

A firm grip is very important to secure the chair up. Duct tape can be used to give the Clamp a grip to secure the chair up. Clean the uppermost visible part of the chair, and then wrap the duct tape around. You can use a strip of rubber if you don't have duct tape.

5: Fasten the Clamp

Tighten the Clamp by fastening the rotating screw after sliding it to the topmost part of the Cylinder. Before doing it again, make sure the chair's height is according to your desire and comfort.

6: Test Your Chair

After fastening the Clamp, it's time to test the chair. To test whether the chair has stopped sinking:

  1. Sit on it.
  2. Make sure the chair should not slide down below the Clamp.
  3. Undo the rotating screw, and adjust the Clamp if you are still not satisfied with the height.

PVC pipe

It is compulsory to have a PVC pipe for this method. The PVC pipe you are using must have a large diameter as compared to the metallic Cylinder. The other items you must need are a ruler for the measurement, a specific PVC cutting device, and for securing the pipe, you need a visa.

1: Measure the Cylinder length

The Cylinder must be covered with protective plastic. Remove that plastic first. With the help of a ruler, measure the diameter by holding the ruler horizontally across the Cylinder. Adjust the chairs' height and then measure the cylinder length. To get the Cylinder's accurate height, calculate the cylinder diameter using the circumference of the Cylinder.

2: Acquire a PVC pipe

The PVC pipe you are using must cover the chair's Cylinder. Generally, 1.5-inch diameter pipes work perfectly for various models. The pipe must completely cover the Cylinder's whole length ranging from the seat level to the wheelbase. The chair must be at the perfect height.

3: The pipe length

Take all the necessary precautions before cutting the pipe. Make sure that during the process of cutting, you must not inhale any particles. In the process of cutting, hold the pipe tightly, and for secure holding, use a vise. On one side of the pipe, start cutting. The result must not be two separate pipes but a slit pipe. In case you don't have a vise or any cutting tools, then leave the pipe in one piece. In such a case, remove the wheels of the chair and glide the pipe on the Cylinder.

4: Fix the pipe on the Cylinder

First, Pull-out the protective plastic skirt. The pipe must be on the Cylinder so that it snaps. The pipe you are using must be able to secure the chair completely and prevent it from sinking. Sometimes the process of splitting the pipe is very difficult, and it demands a lot of effort. If the slitting process demands effort, cut the pipe into small pieces, and then snap them on the chair one by one.

5: Adjust and test the chair

After making all the adjustments, test the chair by sitting on it to ensure that it is perfect. If the chair's height is too low, add the small pieces of PVC pipe. The chair height must be according to your need. On the other hand, if the chair height is too high, you can lower it by removing the pipe pieces.


The methods mentioned above will help you to raise your office chair without lever. If the office chair does not stay up and you are thinking about replacing and buying a new office chair. These methods will save your money by helping you to adjust the chair despite buying a new one. The tools for adjusting a sinking chair are not very costly and are easily available in the market. So with little effort, you will be able to adjust your office chair perfectly.

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