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How To Fix Windows XP Hangs On Shutdown

Over time, our PC gets slower and slower especially if we do a lot of things every day and you’re always in search of ways on how to speed up my pc.  Unless, if your PC is old and with very low specs, you need to upgrade your computer hardware in order to make it run faster.

Even if the computer has decent speed or specifications, it can get a lot of clutter which causes the PC to perform slow. So, when this happens, you won’t really need a computer technician to make it run faster unless it’s your choice to hire one or you have someone you know who can do it for you.

But, just to let you know that it is something every computer user can do on how to make your computer faster simply by just doing simple steps that we’re going discuss here.

Below Are Simple Steps On How To Make Your Computer Faster

Clean or Delete Regularly Temporary Files

Just recently, I’ve experienced one my client’s Windows XP hangs on shutdown, it’s Windows XP Service Pack 3 32-bit. What’s weird is everything is working fine. All the applications, internet connection even reboot or restarting the machine works well. The only problem is it hangs when shutdown.

At first, I thought it was a virus or some kind of spyware, but the machine is clean and there are any kind of malicious applications infecting it.

I thoroughly check it with the updated antivirus, malware scanner and even an anti-rootkit. The machine was really clean. So, that led me to check the hardware. And, guess what?

The Cause Of Windows XP Hangs On Shutdown

It was caused by the PCI modem. The modem was partially inserted into its PCI slot. I’m not sure how it happened as the screw holding the PCI modem is properly fixed.

Fixing Windows XP Hangs On Shutdown Problem

What I did to fix it that problem is simply, removed the PCI modem and re-inserted it properly. Once, done… it all back to normal and no more hangs during the shutdown process.

So, when you encounter something like that make sure you check the hardware especially the PCI card peripherals. They might not be properly inserted, although they are properly detected within the windows device manager, that partially inserted PCI card could some potential problems as above.

If you are not familiar with opening the computer and checking it, I strongly suggest you get someone who is qualified to do it for you. Should you try opening your computer’s casing, make sure it is unplugged from the power outlet. If it is attached to a UPS make sure you unplugged the power cord directly from your PC’s power supply.

Other Causes Why Windows XP Hangs On Shutdown

Should the problem persists, there could be some other potential cause of the problem. Issues like loose cabling for the hard disk, or perhaps a PCI-E video card is not inserted properly. Although, these might reveal a completely different error, it worth checking as well.

Lastly, just a reminder that if you got the same problem that Windows XP hangs on shutdown but everything else works, check the above suggestion, as well as continue monitoring this fix my pc website as we continuously update with various troubleshooting tips.

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