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How to Fix Xfinity Router Blinking Orange Issues?

Xfinity Routers are among the most popular networking devices. Once you configure this device, you can use both wired and wireless-enabled devices to connect to the router and surf the internet. In addition, you can enable the WPS feature of the device to connect a wireless printer to your wireless network and fulfil your wireless printing requirements. However, instances might occur when you see that the Xfinity Modem blinking orange and you can’t access the internet. In such cases, you can follow some simple, yet effective troubleshooting methods to get rid of the issue and ensure continued internet access. Read on to explore them and continue a hassle-free online journey.


Why Does Xfinity Router Blinks Orange?

One of the most common reasons why an orange light blinks on Xfinity Routers is when the device connects at 10/100 Mbps. Another reason which triggers such issues is a lack of communication between the router and your modem. In such cases, you can’t access the internet, even if you are connected to the wireless network.


Various Ways to Fix the Blinking of Orange Light

Whenever you see the blinking of orange light on Xfinity Routers, first, reboot the router. If you aren’t sure how to reboot Xfinity Router, follow the steps mentioned below:


  1. Press the power button of the router to turn off the router.

  2. Disconnect the router’s power adapter from the electric socket.

  3. Wait for about two minutes and connect the power adapter back to the electric socket.

  4. Press the power button of the router to switch the router on.


Once you reboot the router, check if the orange light still blinks. In case the blinking of the orange light continues, check if the Ethernet cable connecting your router and the modem is in proper condition. If the cable has any physical damage (s), replace it with a new one. In case, none of the methods work, you can reset the router. Since the reset erases all your previously configured router settings, it is recommended that you note down the settings on a notepad so that you can refer to them later while setting up the router later. Here’s how you can reset the Xfinity Router:


  1. Locate the router’s reset button. Usually, it is situated at the rear end of routers.

  2. Turn on the router and ensure that the power LED of the device is lit.

  3. Use a pointed object such as a paperclip to press and hold the reset button for about 10 seconds and release it.

  4. The router’s status lights will start flickering and the router will reboot.


Once the router restarts, the blinking of the orange light should stop. You can now perform an Xfinity Gateway login to re-configure the device. To do so, first, connect the router to a computer either with an Ethernet cable or wirelessly. For Ethernet cable, connect one end of the cable to the LAN port of your computer and another to one of the LAN ports of the router. Once the connection is established, open your preferred browser on the computer and browse the IP address, On the router login page, enter the default login credentials of the router and click on ‘Login’ to log into the router admin console. You can click on the various tabs and follow the on-screen prompts to re-configure the router.


Once the router is re-configured, you can use devices like laptop, desktop computers, smartphones, tablets, etc. to connect to the router and access the internet. In case you encounter any issues while performing the router setup, you can refer to the user manual that comes along with the router.

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