How to Get A blue Badge On Instagram With Low Followers?

instagram blue badge

Instagram is a platform that most people use to expand their social network and connect with people worldwide. Instagram is also a business's marketing platform that can market their businesses or products to get visibility on Instagram. 

Businesses choose this platform to market their brands because Instagram also gave them more opportunities than any other marketing platform. Instagram also provides a blue badge to accounts that have a massive number of followers. By getting a blue badge, it becomes more trustworthy as they are verified from Instagram, and as a result, they can gain more followers. You can try out the best Instagram bot services to get a blue badge.

Instagram verified their account because they have a huge community that likes their content, what they post, and what they add to their stories. But what happens if you don't have a huge number of followers? In that case, are you able to get a blue tick for your accounts? Instagram can verify anybody's account even he have followers under 10k or less. As you get to know about low followers account also get a blue badge on Instagram, but how is this possible? Most people don't know how to get a blue badge on Instagram. So they don't skip this article to read. We will describe you in detail now.

How to Get Verified on Instagram?

Instagram verification is necessary to show people that you are real and verified from Instagram. These are the things that make the mind of people trust you. So in this article, we are describing three ways that can be useful to verify your account. First of all, you have to build the presence of your account. The second thing you have to do is about growing your Instagram directly. And last but not least, use a digital agency or publicist.

Before we discuss these three steps in detail, you must learn to apply for Instagram verifications.

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How To Apply For Verification

  1. Visit your profile by tapping on the profile picture.
  2. Tap on the menu icon on the corner of your profile.
  3. You will be able to see the menu icon on the top right corner of your profile. Tap on the setting icon on the bottom right of the screen. Scroll it unit you can see it.
  4. Request for Verification by tapping on it too. 
  5. Now you will see a form with your Instagram account name pre-filled. Please fill up this form according to their requirements. Make sure every information is filled up correctly.
  6. Upload your id photo by tapping on choose file. You can also use your id card, passport, driving license for an individual account if it is a business account that uses any official business documents such as tax filing, etc.
  7. Now you can send this information to get verified from Instagram by click on the send button.

Moving further, we will discuss three methods you have to do to verify your account by having low followers.

Build a Presence Elsewhere

If you want to get verified on Instagram, you must think of another platform to build your presence. Use any social platform for this purpose like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, etc. If you have several followers, then Instagram cannot deny your Verification. The idea here is to grow a community on some other social network platforms wherein people see and have trust in you. Once you got this, come here and inform Instagram of your existence and show your visibility over other platforms. In this case, you will be verified very soon and can show yourself more trustworthy.

 "A verified badge or blue badge is a check that appears next to an Instagram account's name in search and on the profile. That shows that you are original, and Instagram verified that." You will get verified by following this step. If this is not working for you, try the second method. 

Directly Grow your Instagram Account 

Once you grow your Instagram account directly, then you can get verified. The question that arises here is: how will you get to know that your Instagram account is now ready for Verification? Is it possible when you can get a certain number of followers or reach a certain level?

The answer is no! 

You can get your Instagram account verified when you take it to the point where it's likely to be impersonated. The purpose of verifying an Instagram account is to help users identify authentic account owners. 

Hire Digital Agency

Are you determined to get a blue badge for your account and have the budget for it, then you can hire a digital agency to verify your account for you? Digital agents of digital agencies can submit requests to claim usernames; they can merge your account with some others and get your account verified through the industry portal.


The Instagram blue badge is not made for celebrities or people who have many followers on Instagram. However, if you are a new account or have a small number of followers, you can also get Verification from Instagram to show your authenticity. It can be done by following the simple steps mentioned above, or you can buy Instagram views UK and hire a digital agency that can work for you to get a blue badge for your account.