How to get a Google Voice Number quickly?


Google Voice is a popular virtual phone number provider that works with a user’s existing mobile or landline setup. It allows the user to forward calls he receives over the internet to his device.

 Google Voice is popular like other google apps for work among solopreneurs and freelancers because it offers a free personal number and unlimited domestic calling and texting. Business plans are affordable too. Best of all, setting up a Google Voice number is easy and takes just a few simple steps. 

Setting up user’s Google Voice Account:

To get started with Google Voice, the user will need to visit the official website. If he already has Google Account, then he should pick a number and get started right away. Otherwise, he will need to create a Google Account.

Setting up a Google account is easy. The user should follow the step-by-step guide where he will be asked to enter his name and contact information. He can either use his existing email address or create a new one. It is also worth noting that his account also gives him access to other Google products such as Docs, Sheets and Slides.

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Users will be asked to choose between a personal account or one specifically designed for business. Once he has his account set up, he can get his Google voice number and make calls with the service.

Getting user’s Google Voice Number:

Google Voice will ask the user to search for a number by area code. While the user can choose his local prefix, this is especially useful if he does most of his business in a different city than where he lives.

Once the user has chosen a number, he will need to link it to an existing phone number. It is a part of Google’s verification number that he is getting with Google Voice. It needs to connect to a real-world phone number. He must use a U.S. based mobile phone or landline for this step.

Once he enters a number, he will either be sent a text message or receive a phone call to confirm that number. After the user has confirmed, he is ready to make calls with Google Voice from his desktop.

Installing the Google Voice Mobile App:

While the user can use Google Voice from any web browser, many users prefer the mobile app for ios and android devices. The app lets him use all of the service’s features wherever he is.

Installing the app is a straightforward process. Simply head to either App Store or Google Play marketplaces and search for the app. Once it’s download, enter the user’s Google login credentials, and he should be ready to start making calls.

Using Google Voice:

All told, making calls, sending texts and checking voicemail works in an almost identical fashion to what the user is probably used to on his smartphone’s default apps. Google Voice comes with a wide range of basic features, such as contacts, SMS, voicemail transcription and the ability to record all of the user’s calls. It even offers international calling starting at One cent per minute.

Another Process:

Signing up for Google Voice:


  1. Open Google Voice: in the user’s internet's web browser. If he is logging into a Google account, this will open the Google Voice setup page. If he is not logging into a Google account, he must enter his email address and password before proceeding.

  2. Search for a location: He must click the text box in the middle of the page, then type in a ZIP code or a city name. As the user types, a drop-down menu with phone number options will appear below the text box.

  3. Select a phone number: He must click the blue “SELECT” button to the right of the phone number that he wants to use.

  4. Click VERIFY: This blue button stays in the middle of the page. Doing so well,  take him to a page where he can verify his actual phone number.

  5. Enter his actual phone number: In the text field that appears in the middle of the page, he must type in a phone number for a phone that he can access.

  6. Click SEND CODE: It stays in the bottom-right corner of the phone number window. Then Google Voice will send a verification text to his phone.

  7. Retrieve his code: He must open his phone’s texting app, open the text from Google, and review the six-digit code.

  8. Enter the code: He must type a six-digit code into the text field in the middle of the Google Voice page.

  9. Click VERIFY: It stays in the bottom-right corner of the code verification window.

  10.  Click CLAIM when prompted: This will confirm the user that he wants to use the associated phone number with his Google Voice account.

  11. Must click FINISH when prompted: Doing so will confirm his phone number and take him to his Google Voice page.