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How To Get A Work Permit Without The Job Offer

For all those people who have the aim and ambition to migrate to a new place and work in Canada to ensure that the future of their families and themselves are secured over here. It is important to note that you just can’t switch gears and move on to the new country. If you are among those people who have been hunting for the right jobs for quite some time and looking for the work permit in Canada. Here are few things that are discussed below to help you learn about the Canada work permit and the legal implications it might have for the foreign workers.

Types of work permit:

For all the foreign workers it is important to note that the Canadian government offers two very specific types of working permit to the foreign workers who decides to work and then settle down in the new country. You could either apply for the open work permit which allows you to work for any employer that are enlisted with the state of the government and follow their rules.

The other type of work permit is where you are allowed to work only for the specific employer, who has hired you and you are under the obligation of the law to provide services to those employers only.

Entering the state of Canada without the express entry system:

Even if you doesn’t have the job offer to your name and still you are looking to settle down in Canada the country also offers work permit to those who have immense experience working in a particular field and have skills to back their working experience. The age limit set for the criteria is under 18 to 35 they have the chance to travel and explore their expertise in the new country.

However, for all those people who don’t hold immense experience to back up their skill, they have the opportunity to come to Canada and enlarge their horizon of experience as the Canadian government offers them the opportunity to work in any field and try their luck in the country.

When it is inevitable to look for the work permit:

There are people who belong to two specific fields which they are working for and in that case they require having the work permit in any case and those two fields are the agricultural workers as well as caregivers.

The caregivers are supposed to provide physical and mental care to the children and the elderly and they require special training as well as working permission for the government to be able to work in the sensitive field.

Whereas, the agricultural workers who are working in farm or the processing of the food to the final product requires a work permit to work for the employer and in these two fields one cannot be able to establish their careers in the future without the work permit.

The business work permit:

The business person who is visiting Canada under the free trade agreement to perform the activities of the business will require having the work permit under their legal documentation. whereas, those who are only visiting the place only without being involved in the trade and the labour market will only require to have the visiting visa and not the work permit to be present in the state of Canada.

Working as a student:

For all those students who are working full-time students on the campus and living in Canada are allowed to work, without the permit. However, it is only allowed to the students who are living in the campus and also attaining good grades to ensure that their monthly and annual expenses are fulfilled they are allowed to work only 20 hours per week.

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