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How to Get Closer to Siblings Beyond Borders?

The amazing and unique bond of siblings should be celebrated to strengthen the roots of it. Surely you have some of the best memories of childhood days with your siblings like catching the school bus after getting late because of them or saving them from the bullies in school or hiding their mistakes from the parents or grabbing that last piece of pizza and many more like these. If you and your siblings also share such an amazing bond and can’t celebrate this bond like before because of the distance now, it’s time for you to get closer to your siblings again with your delightful gestures. If they have moved to different places, you can send them birthday gifts, rakhi gifts, and many more gifts on occasions to light up their special days. Below, we have mentioned some of the things that you can do to get closer to them.

Guitarist on Call

Dedicate a song to them with a live performance by a professional singer or guitarist. The guitarist will take you and your siblings live on the video conference call and will perform the songs that you want the guitarist to play. This gesture is guaranteed to bring a smile to your sibling’s face. All your emotions will be expressed perfectly. Don’t wait more, book a guitarist now!

Send Funny E-Caricatures

How about sending your siblings their picture caricatures straight to their email inbox? Sounds fun, right? Well, the funny and embarrassing photo of theirs, when designed into a caricature, will fill them with delight and they will laugh a lot. You can even get the physical caricatures designed to surprise them even more. Many online gifting portals provides both digital and physical caricatures.

Surprise Rakhi Delivery or Birthday Gift Delivery

The occasions are meant to be celebrated with utmost joy and happiness. Even if you can’t be with them to celebrate the special days, you can send birthday gifts or you can send rakhi to UK, UAE, USA, Australia, Canada, or to any other country where they reside. With the help of any online gifting portal, it is easier than ever to get your gifts delivered to different countries.

Play Online Multiplayer Games

Games can keep you and your siblings together over the voice call and you will have fun while playing different games online like PUBG, Ludo King, CS:GO, COD, etc. Talk as much as you want and at the same time have fun times playing the best online games with your childhood siblings squad. Online multiplayer games are a good way to keep ourselves entertained and connected with our loved ones.

Send E Gift Cards

You surely know the websites and brands they go to when they want to buy something. So buy the e-gift cards of these sites and send it to them. The present will be loved by them and they will shop the best products that they like. The gift card could be of any value that you can afford because what matters the most is your concern. It is a safe choice to go with instead of directly sending gifts.


Surprise your sibling by singing a birthday song over the soothing sound of Piano and make him/her smile wide. Let the music speak for you while you plan to connect with your sibling. Send an online wish to your loved ones sitting at home in the form of a song on the piano tunes.

So, these were the ways through which you can get closer to your siblings. Make them feel special and stay connected to them always through your gestures.

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