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How to Get Fit While Working In an Office


The modern lifestyle is often one of convenience diet and a lack of exercise, and nowhere is this more true than in an office setting. Office workers spend all day seated, which can be really detrimental to a person’s health. Therefore, it will be up to the workers themselves to find the time and energy to maintain their bodies. Here are a few ways an office worker can work toward a healthier lifestyle.

Trade Empty Carbs for Dietary Supplements

Many modern diets are rife with processed foods like fast food or junk food that are convenient ways to save valuable time during a busy schedule. However, that convenience is the result of a trade off, and what you lose is nutritional value. Processed foods are convenient for everyone, and what that means is that they are cheaper to buy and cheaper to produce as a result of including filler materials that act as empty calories. In many cases, processed foods also contain an excess of salt and sugar to drive an addiction to them. 


For these reasons, you’ll want to reduce the amount you consume, if not remove them from your diet entirely. Instead, consider the convenience of dietary supplements that can provide you with only the nutrients and vitamins that you want, quickly and without superfluous ingredients. Protein and pre workout supplements are popular among those pursuing fitness or trying to lose weight. 


However, you wouldn’t get anywhere switching to supplements if you still didn’t know what you were consuming, so be sure to check out thrive side effects, for example. This is a great way to make sure the supplement you’re taking contains the necessary vitamins, minerals, enzymes, probiotics, etc., Taking a supplement with these ingredients like Thrive can boost your energy and immune system. 


Sit Less, Exercise More

Inactivity is the problem of the age. More so than poor diet choices, a lack of exercise has major health ramifications, but it’s also becoming a more common lifestyle. For those who work in an office, there’s little in the way of physical activity, and sitting for prolonged periods of time is extremely detrimental. The first way to tackle the sitting problem is by getting a standing desk. In an office environment, you likely don’t have much control over your desk, so that means you need to request permission from your boss to replace your current seating arrangement with a standing desk. This will be uncomfortable and even painful at first, but the lack of sitting will become apparent quickly in that you will generally feel much better once you get past the difficulty. Standing instead of sitting is great, but you still need conventional exercise, as well. This means that you need to find a workout that fits within your tight schedule. The 7 Minute Work necessarily takes up very little time, as the name implies, by committing you to a series of workouts that are timed rather than necessitating a certain number of reps. The tradeoff is that this workout can be very demanding for newcomers. However, you can merely do what you realistically can until you improve enough to tackle the workout in its entirety.

Commit To Your New Life

All of the best life decisions you can make mean nothing if you don’t have the discipline to live by those decisions. Giving up junk food is difficult, because they’re quick, easy, and tasty. Doing work in your free time isn’t really a great time either, even if it’s for your own good. Therefore, temptation to give up and revert to your old ways will be abundant, and it’s up to you to stick to your guns if you want to see real change. One way to do so is to offer yourself rewards for meeting certain milestones. For example, many people who are trying to bulk up or lose weight will offer themselves a “cheat day” in which their normal dietary restrictions are lifted so that they can enjoy guilty pleasure meals without worrying too much. This only works if you take that reward and go back to working on self improvement again afterward, however.


Final Thoughts

Staying in shape and eating healthy foods is tough. While it’s integral to a good quality of life, it’s counterintuitive now that all your needs are met fairly easily. It will take determination to start this journey, and it will take even more to finish it, but these tips will help you get started in the best way possible.


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