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How to Get Higher ROI from E-Commerce SEO

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E-commerce websites need to drive traffic to see any form of online sales continuously. And this traffic comes from search engines like Google. Search engine traffic is termed "organic" because people search for the products and show high intent for purchasing. So, you are not in search of customers; they're in search of you. But how to ensure your SEO or Search Engine Optimization efforts get maximum ROI? Here are some tactics to follow:

Target the Right Keywords

In SEO and Search Engine Marketing in general, keywords are everything. Website owners target a keyword or a set of keywords they want to rank for and work around that keyword. So if your website sells a computer mouse, you will target queries like "computer mouse buy", "best computer mouse", "budget computer mouse", etc.

The trick here is to target the right keywords that are relevant to the products you're selling. Also, keyword intent is paramount when selecting the right keywords. By targeting the right keywords, you'll acquire the right visitors to your e-commerce site. SEO experts like https://www.firstpage.hk/ spend the majority of their time finding the right keywords.

Target the Right Demographics

Targeting the right keywords is just half the work done. The next half is choosing the right demographics. Demographics include location, age, gender, parental status, among other metrics. Since you cannot market to everyone in this world, you need to narrow down your targeting.

If you're targeting females between 20 and 25 living in London, then your keywords should reflect this demographic. With a change in demographic, you should change keywords. Otherwise, you'd end up targeting the wrong customers who are less likely to buy from your e-commerce store.

Educate before Selling

Estimates and studies like this one from Salesforce suggest that it takes 6 to 8 touches before a customer places an order. This means you need to target a potential customer 6 to 8 times. The best way to bring down this number is by providing educational content. You can create blogs around your products, their features, and USP and rank them on SERPs. This will build trust and confidence in them to buy your product rather than your competitors'.

Capture Emails and Leads

Once you start getting more visitors to your e-commerce website, you need to capture their email address with a pop-up. This is better than simply serving them with the product landing page or blog post. You can target them directly and send them purchase emails directly to their inbox. Since they have opted-in to receive email from you, they're also likely to convert better, which will then boost your ROI.

Use Promotions to Boost Conversions

The best way to boost your ROI from e-commerce SEO is to offer promotions, so your web visitors are enticed to place an order. This can be a simple 10% off or a free delivery offer based on what is viable for you. Since promotions are irresistible for most people, they may add the product to their cart if not placing an order. You can then target them with retargeting ads to boost conversion.

With competition among e-commerce website owners increasing for higher rankings, you should always test and look for hacks to improve. This will ensure you're not spending too many resources on marketing and generating significant ROI. You can get a helping hand in boosting ROI by teaming up with e-commerce SEO specialists.


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