How to get in touch with Etihad Airways Customer Service?


Etihad Airways are one of the top leading airline companies that connect Abu Dhabi with different continents in the world. They provide easy bookings in one go easy cancellation and refunds. Sometimes, there are several cases where you face difficulties regarding your bookings, flights, etc. At present, many rules have been changed due to Covid complications. Although all the rules are updated on the official website but if you are still facing some issues related to your journey, you can easily speak to someone at Etihad Airways.


There are different methods to get in touch with the airline company. All you have to do is follow the instructions below and you will be good to go.


Get in touch online:


There are a lot of questions that have been answered already on the official website of Etihad airways. To go through the information,

1.     Go to the official page of Etihad airways

2.     On the menu at the top, select Help

3.     In help, there will be a list of areas where you can have an issue

4.     Select your issue

5.     Your answer will be available in a dropdown format


Get in touch on call:

If you looking for get in touch with someone at Etihad Airways customer support. Then you should the one of the easiest modes of contacting customer support of Etihad Airways is by phone. Via phone you will be directly connected to the live representative of Etihad Airways. If you want to get in touch with Etihad airways on call, you can follow the basic steps:

1.     First, go to the official webpage of Etihad airways

2.     There you will find their calling number +1-805-308-7828

3.     Press dial

4.     Your call will be connected with the automated voice.

5.     It will provide you with a number of options regarding different issues.

6.     Press the digit accordingly

7.     If you are not satisfied with the saved response, you can also choose to call the representative in person.

Alternate ways to get in touch with Etihad airways


If you don’t feel comfortable talking directly over the phone and your issue still exists, you can follow the stated methods to contact them:


Via Email: On the home page of Etihad Airways, there is a menu called help. In this, you will find the customer support mail Id. You can submit the query in the mail and they will reply to you within few hours.


Via Twitter: If you want to complain something about the service or any general issue, you can tag Etihad airways and they will resolve the issue.


Via Feedback: On the home page you will find this option.

1.     Go to the home page of Etihad airways

2.     Scroll down to the bottom

3.     Locate the Feedback button and click on it

4.     It will lead you to the next page.

5.     On that, Click on Start Survey

6.     After completing, press Submit.


If you have issues about Covid that may affect your journey, you can read the FAQs on the Help page. It contains all the answers to the questions like if you need a negative report of Covid in Abu Dhabi, where to get PCR test, questions about the staff vaccinations, seating arrangement due to Covid, and many more.


These were some ways through which you can get the answer to “How to get in touch with Etihad Airways?” We hope that you get the answers to all your queries.