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How To Get More Likes On Instagram Post (Best Proven Ways) In 2019

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Are You Not Able To Get Like On Your Instagram Post?  If yes, then you are in the right place as we all know Instagram has become a most engaging platform to become the most famous and established a business, but it's not easy to get likes, and followers am I right? Would probably be "Yes" so how can you engage more audiences and get more likes on your Instagram post. 

So I am here to guide you properly make sure you read this guide till the end then you can do a practical and grow yourself on Instagram.

Quality Vs. Quantity

Are you posting it with low-quality Photos or repeated content? If yes, then you need to stop yourself doing it we don't even like repeated content and quantity content that's the reason most people skip it while going through your Instagram Post.

What Do You Need To Do Now? Don't need to post that content which all other Instagrammer are posting already; now you should research the content and post unique things that are not available on Instagram:).

Use Relevant Hashtag

Nowadays, Hashtag is the best way to encourage non-followers by using relevant Hashtag if it has a good number of searches with quality posts you can earn more likes and followers free of cost isn't cool? 

Depending on your niche it may be different from other people; for example, sometimes it shows in the related post if someone likes food post then it will show different to the health post.

You need to add Relevant Hashtag in your post depending on the niche that people can get more interest in your Instagram Post, which will increase followers and likes also. 

More Hashtag more likes you will get once you got an understanding of your audience interest then you can refer people in which kind of post they would be interested in.

However, there are many tools where you can generate Instagram Hashtag for your post or by using your keyword, but it would be great if you do proper research and write Hashtag yourself for better results.

Following Things You Should Consider While Writing Hashtags:

  • You can search you are keyword terms in search option or write a maximum of Three Words related to Your Instagram Niche.
  • Don't forget to use Tab called "Tag" you can type all your collected Hashtag in that search and get all results.
  • Try to explore all Hashtag properly one by one there you can also get more hashtags ideas also.

Use Instagram Captions

Do You Know People Likes Captions On Photos? Its trending things that Instagram Captions has become the reason for success behind every Instagram Influencer as its best way to express your story in short words.

How To Write A Perfect Captions For Your Instagram Post? Well, it's not easy to write a good caption, but here I am going to teach you the best way to write your captions for Instagram posts and grow likes on your post.

However, captions are the best way to describe your story in short words, but it should be meaningful don't know about it? Don't worry here below I have embedded the example of How Instagram Caption looks like;).

Above I have shared Attitude Caption you can see the format and use your mind to make it more creative and tell your story in captions don’t use long words to make it concise you can ask people to check your Instagram Page bio which is called CTA- Call To Action:).


Did you Love Our Article? If yes then you have one step left to get started with Instagram Growth although there are many points that are not included in this post.

We have shared practical proven ways to get more likes on Your Instagram Posts and one of the most successful ways is Caption. You can also use Hashtags to gain more audience and grow your Instagram Profile.

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