Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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How To Get More People to Follow You on TikTok

When looking for short, entertaining videos, people think of TikTok. This app is one of the fastest-growing social media apps in the last few years and has over a billion users eager to watch content. Therefore, with the right tools, it’ll be easy to build your following on TikTok. 

With more than 800 million active users on TikTok, that means the competition is getting tough on this platform, and using services like SocialBoosting to get TikTok followers is your easy way out. But if you like a challenge and prefer to get them through hard work that means you’ll attract a crowd that genuinely supports and enjoys your content. Which leads to the question: How to start attracting followers on such a large social media platform?

Attracting the Right People

Just like with other social media, you want to find your niche to start gaining the followers you want. While all followers are appreciated, you want to draw people who will continue to interact with your page and like your content. This will not happen overnight and will most likely take some experimenting with your content and who starts following you. You may wish to buy TikTok likes to increase the activity on your TikTok account. Once people see activity, they will also want to follow you.

Finding your target audience will be a great help in building your following. This means looking at the analytics to find out when most of your followers are active on your account and posting your content to emphasize on those active hours. This is also a good time to experiment with what content is better at what times, which can help you find the best content to keep interacting with previous followers while also gaining new ones. 

Using the Proper Hashtags

Hashtags are used in the majority of TikTok videos with people trying to get famous or attract their target audiences. Certain hashtags, such as #foryoupage, are meant to get on people’s pages as they scroll through the app. But to attract your specific following and people who will interact with your content, you need to use specific hashtags. 

You can start out with using general hashtags to build up a base following, but it is helpful to also have specific hashtags thrown in. For example, you may use #foryoupage and #love, but if you are trying to attract people who love books, it might be helpful to use the hashtags #booktok and #readers. 

Participating in the Newest Trends

If you watch social media, there is always a new trend emerging. One of the easiest ways to start gaining a bigger following is to participate in the current TikTok trends. Following the trends and putting your own unique twist on them will help your profile gain exposure, leading to more followers.

An even better way to participate in the new trends is to research ones in your niche and find one that never blew up. Perhaps you can put a new twist on it and be the one that makes it blow up. Everyone is looking for a new trend, and with the right hashtags and exposure, you can be the next big TikTok sensation. 

Duet Other TikTok Users

Another way that a lot of people have become popular is by duetting other TikTok users, whether or not they’re popular. People who duet videos usually end up acting along to a trend, making funny comments about the video, or sharing some helpful information that adds to the video. 

Another popular form of interacting with other users’ videos is by stitching them. Stitching is when part of the original video plays first, and then the user stitching them interrupts the video to make their own video. These are a lot like duetting, but it is only one user at a time instead of two videos playing at the same time. 

Promoting your Videos

Another good way to build your TikTok following is to promote your videos. You can do this by asking people to follow you at the end of your videos or even make it fun with a catchphrase by saying they should follow you for more similar content. If someone watches to the end of the video, there’s a good chance they will like the similar content on your page. 

Another easy way to promote your videos is to link your other social media pages and start sharing your videos there. People who follow you on other social media platforms might not even know you have a TikTok, and might start to follow you on TikTok if they like your content. 


While it takes time to build your following on TikTok, using simple but useful steps such as these will help a lot in the long run. You want to attract the right audience to build an active following, but even once you get that following you want to continue being an active content creator so that you retain and keep attracting new active followers.

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