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How To Get More Traffic To Your Business Website?

Starting from today you will be able to get thousands of new visitors to your website. In this article, we will share with you our top sources of traffic to thousands of new visitors fast and free.

Tip Number 1

Our tip number one is that you should have a youtube channel as it is the top source of traffic. If you don’t have a youtube channel we will suggest you make it as soon as possible. It doesn’t matter how many subscribers you have on your youtube channel, the thing matter is the views you get and how you refer your viewers to your website. When you post any video on youtube go down the description and give a link to your website, to your blog and to your other videos and so on. From youtube, you can refer people to your website and this is really very important. If you don’t have a youtube channel you are missing a lot of visitors. So start a youtube channel today as it’s very important and a fast method to get traffic from because you can easily rank a video on youtube on a certain keyword. So youtube channel is a top source of traffic.

Tip Number 2

The next source of traffic is Quora. Now you might be thinking about what Quora is or maybe you are familiar with it. Well, it’s the Q&A website with over 300 million visitors every month and around 40 to 50 percent from US Quora is one of the best places to get free traffic from. You will see how fast within some days you will start getting visitors from Quora. Quora is really awesome place to get traffic from. It’s free and easy, just answer questions about your topic, your website, and you will see how visitors come from the first day. So Quora is the most effective second source of traffic people use to get traffic from it.

Let’s move on to the number three.

Tip Number 3

The third source of traffic is free courses. You can publish a free course on Udemy which has millions of students and its marketplace and since it’s free you will get a lot of enrolments. We know that the percentage of enrolments will be much higher than the active students but still you will get a lot of traffic from your free courses on Udemy. You can publish on Udemy on skillshare whatever free course website you want but Udemy has a large marketplace and has a large follower base. So it’s a great place start from and publishes a free valuable course. Be sure to make it high value for students so they will love to come and see your website and your other services and stuff as well.

Tip Number 4

Number four tip is guest posting. Usually, when we say guest posting it means posting on other blogs. So you search for blogs about your niche, your topics and you contact the blog owner asking for a guest post. By posting we don’t mean just posting on other blogs but posting anywhere else, posting on social media profiles, posting on Facebook groups, posting on Quora spaces, posting on forums, commenting other blogs and so on. So posting anywhere else and referring back to your website but one condition not spamming and giving real value.


So these were the sources through which you can get traffic to your website. Keep in mind that having traffic overnight isn’t impossible but it’s temporary. If you want to get organic traffic for your business website it can be possible through experts. If you need any kind of consultation for your business website feel free to contact Catonsville, MD Website Design & SEO Services.

Caru is an expert SEO article writer. She write, design, and develop all sort of engaging content. She is on mission to share her writing expertise and knowledge with others.
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