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How to get people you know to cast a vote

Youngsters are becoming more and more politically aware, thanks to social media. But despite the updates, there are still some who don't realize the importance of casting a vote. You can use your free chat app to convince the people you know to cast their votes. NEEO Messenger is a chat messenger app that helps you connect with the masses. So while you are fully prepared to get in line and cast a vote for your favorite candidate, your responsibility doesn't end there. Try and convince others to vote, not by imposing your choices on them, but by convincing them to participate. As individuals above the age of eighteen, we have a responsibility towards the younger generation. Since they can't vote, we need to vote on their behalf. Listed below are some of the ways you can convince people in your circle to cast a vote:

  1. Tell them every one is doing it:

Some individuals don't vote just out of sheer laziness. They do not want to bother to make an effort to get themselves registered and then go to the polling station. Such people need a push to make an effort, but you can't force anyone. You have to come up with a different strategy. Everyone wants to fit in, and while this is more common among high school students, it doesn’t end there. Make it a point to discuss the elections with your friends and create hype by telling them, ‘Everyone is doing it!'. Take names, if necessary, of the people you know mutually, who got themselves registered for vote casting.

  1. Wake up the daydreamers:

Some people are plain lazy, while some are just a little cut off from the real world. While texting someone using your free chat app, start the conversation by asking your friend who he''ll vote for?! Considering its election season, your friend won't feel entirely shocked by your question. He might already have had a similar conversation with someone else before you. But you don't know for sure so take your chance. If this person hasn't given much thought to the matter, he will after be talking to you. Pass on whatever knowledge you have. He might start taking an interest in political affairs once he knows enough about them.

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  • Send them daily reminders:

When you hear from a friend that she will cast her vote, ask her about her voting plan. Despite all the eagerness, people may falter if they don't stay committed. Some people speak more and do less. When your friends enthusiastically declare that they will be casting a vote, make sure they follow through with their plan. Use your chat messenger app to send them reminders about registration deadlines and voting procedures. Keep sharing updates and let them know how you’re dealing with the process at every step of the way.

  • Help them think independently:

Several people vote when they see social media celebs sharing posts about their voting endeavors! They want to be a part of the cool crowd, and they cast a vote so they can put up nice pictures with patriotic captions. Regardless of their motives, you need to make sure your friends don't waste their votes. And you can make the action more meaningful for them by discussing the pros and cons of voting for each candidate. Some individuals cast votes based on family loyalty to certain political parties. Motivate your friends to vote with their eyes and ears open, and make a choice based on who they sincerely believe to be deserving.

  • Remind them of their duty:

While some of your friends need different ways of convincing, some only need to be reminded of their duty. Help them realize their role as a responsible citizen and of the repercussions of a mindlessly chosen leader. You need to be on top of things so you can circulate accurate information among your circle of friends. Tell them that the decisions of a faulty leader eventually affect everyone, regardless of class, creed, and financial status. They need to see the larger picture and think about the welfare of the nation as a whole. True patriotism does not lie in voting for selfish reasons.

Interestingly, for most youngsters, nothing seems to matter more than the opinion of their friends. Your chat messenger app will help you connect with almost everyone you know in the physical world and beyond. NEEO Messenger, the free chat app, will help you inspire your friends to become voters. You can use NEEO Social to put up posts about your favorite candidates and invite comments and likes. The introduction of new technologies, including mobile ones, is expected, and disparate projects will be combined and consolidated. We strongly suggest you not to miss the opportunity to download NEEO Messenger and be on the front line and explore new features.

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