Network Latency | Netgear Router Setting To Boost Internet Speed

Network Latency _ Netgear Router Setting To Boost Internet Speed
Network Latency _ Netgear Router Setting To Boost Internet Speed

Tired of network latency and all related lagging issued? Here is a brief review on how network latency works and how it affects the internet speed of your Netgear router login and few troubleshooting guides.

What is network latency?

Network Latency: delay
Network Latency

Before beginning to troubleshoot it is better to understand what network latency actually is. In technical term network latency means any kind of delay in data connection in a specified network over a specific span of time. In case of small delays the network is called low latency network in case the network has large gaps in the connection is called high latency in network.

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Possible Solutions For Network Latency

It is not easy to improve network latency as there can multiple reasons contributing to network latency.

Factory Reset The Router

You may face internet lagging problem if not reboot for a long time. Rebooting the refresh the device and improves their performance, just go for reboot your modem or router.


For this unplug all connected network devices, and wait for some time. After approx 30 mints start your modem. You should try for factory reset to tackle slow internet or broken bandwidth.

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Check Security Software

Your security software blocks unwanted or unrecognized sites and also filter network traffic. Though it is not a problem, but you need to check if these softwares doesn’t get misconfigured. As it can increase internet latency. So, Try to disable your security software then try again.

Find here are a few possible methods you can try to improve the speed on your router by changing or updating certain Netgear Router setting.

  • Open a web browser of your choice on a device that is connected to your targeted network
  • Login to your router’s dashboard by typing or you can simply enter the router’s IP address which are or
  • Opt for the second address in case the first doesn’t work
  • You will be asked to enter the default credentials. By default the user ID is admin and the password is password. Note that both user id and passwords are case sensitive
  • Click on the login option to enter the router login setup page
  • In the setup section go to wireless settings
  • From the mood drop down menu select fastest speed options
  • Hit the apply button
  • Now on your desktop click the start button
  • On the command prompt from type command CMD and hit the enter button.
  • Type the command ping 1500 into the CMD box
  • Now again hit the enter button
  • Now review the results that appears in front of your screen
  • In case the appeared message states packet needs to be fragmented but DF sets it indicates you need to run the command again but this time during the band size. You can type the command 1490
  • Keep repeating the steps until the review message states zero packets to lose
  • Return back to the routerlogin setup page and open the advanced setup
  • Select WAN setup
  • Enter the buffer size field into the MTU size field as per the band size you have given in the above step
  • Click to apply
  • Return to the command prompt and type the command netsh interface ipv 4 set sub-interface wireless network connection mtu=(appropriate buffer size) store=persistent
  • Now click enter for changing the MTU value. Make sure that the changed value matches to that of the router
  • Now restart the pc to save the changes
  • Note that the MTU value should not go below 1400 to avoid potential risks
  • Also note that in order to have a high speed connection make sure your router’s firmware is up to date.
  • In case it is not, login in to and access the router’s dashboard. Check if there is any update available. In case it is available click to download and update.

You need to contact your internet service provider, They will check if issue is just for you or it in your location. If your Internet service provider doesn’t help. And the latency issue isn’t fixed or you can’t figure it out the causes. Then you can call router login experts for complete guidance and genuine solution .