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How to Get Rid of Upper Back Pain

Experiencing pain in the upper-back or neck can be very uncomfortable. Many people underestimate the impact it can have, solely because it isn’t always threatening in nature (unlike lower-back pain). However, it can cause a series of problems, from restricted spinal movement to a crippled body posture.

The upper-back region of the human body, also known as the thoracic spine, helps keep things stable. It helps maintain a straight upright posture and protects the inner organs. Thus, a healthy upper body and back are vital in keeping you physically fit and active, and it is crucial for anyone to know how to get rid of any upper-back pain.

Common causes

Upper-back pain is not as common as lower-back pain and is caused by different factors. Some of these include:

  • How and where you sleep: having too soft a bed can cause the spine to curve. Falling asleep on a couch or chair can be equally painful. Sleeping face-down can also do some damage to your spine
  • Activity during the day: do you sit behind a computer screen all day? Do you do heavy lifting? Both extremes are the leading cause of back pains in general
  • Sitting in a slouched manner

Although not directly related, your eyesight can play a part in upper-back pain too. People with weak eyesight tend to lean forward or slouch over their work in order to view their screen/notebook better. Maintain such a posture over a prolonged period of time can be one of the most direct causes of upper-back pain.

Lifestyle changes

If you find yourself constantly hunched over with back pains, then it is perhaps best to make some lifestyle changes before moving on to exercise, therapy or even medication.

1. Fix your sitting posture

Most of us spend the better part of a day sitting down, whether at home, office or on a vehicle. That’s where you need to begin.

Sit upright on your chair and lean against the backrest. Try to keep your back straight. Do not lean forwards or slouch; if you have a weak eyesight, get a pair of spectacles but do not compromise your sitting posture.

2. Sleep properly

Not sleeping enough or in a proper posture can cause a lot of problems for your back. Make sure that your bedding is neither too soft, nor too hard. Sleep face-up or on your side, but never face-down as it can cause your spine to curve.

Also make sure you get enough rest. Sleep gives the body an opportunity to heal itself; not sleeping enough deprives the body of that chance, leaving you feeling fatigued, restless and ached.

3. Eat healthy

This one is probably pretty over-used by now, but it still makes a lot of sense. Certain kinds of foods cause inflammation within the body, and you need to avoid them. You also need a balanced diet that has all the vitamins and minerals as well, and not just proteins and carbohydrates.

Vitamins and minerals help keep bones healthy and the body active. Instead of taking supplements, incorporate a diet into your routine that includes all food groups.

4. Lower down stress levels

Believe it or not, elevated stress levels and anxiety can also cause back pain. If you’re going through a stressful time, try to incorporate some exercise in your routine. If not, then take 5-10 minutes out of your routine multiple times a day to just unwind, stretch your muscles and lie down for a bit to give your muscles a change to relax.

5. Start exercising

If you don’t already, you should start exercising as it helps maintain your body and control pain. Mobile apps such as Injurymap can create a custom exercise plan for you to help manage your pain and keep track of your workouts. Leverage these tools to get ahead on your health.

6. Yoga

Yoga has been said to work wonders with muscular and back pains. It helps strengthen weak muscles and stretch them out at the same time. Invest in a good Yoga instructor to get your poses right, but spending money isn’t mandatory. There are countless free online Yoga classes you can benefit from.

7. Use a foam roller/plexus wheel

Online, you can find any number of exercises for relieving upper back pain. Some of the most effective ones, however, involve the use of a foam roller or plexus wheel. You lie back down and put the foam roller under your shoulder blades. Then you move you body up and down over the roller, helping your back muscles stretch and relax. A plexus wheel is used in a somewhat similar fashion, and it helps stretch and relax the spine. Both of these exercises should help you get rid of your upper-back pains very quickly.

8. See a chiropractor

A chiropractor is the most qualified person for treating upper-back and neck pains. They will help you adjust your routine, pinpoint the cause of your pain and provide adjustments or other forms of treatments as needed.

Be upright and confident!

To sum up, it all boils down to how much stress you allow your body to take. A confident and upright posture is directly correlated to a relaxed, pain-free back; you can’t have one without the other. Therefore, it is important to take care of any and all upper-back pains and maintain an upright posture for your own wellbeing. Besides, it will give you a confidence boost as well!


Your treatment of the upper back pain will depend on the diagnosis of the health issue. You can experience neck pain for a short span(acute) of time, or for a prolonged time of about 6 months(chronic), you can experience this snack pain after meeting with an accident or an injury.

Generally, doctors tap on the zero pints to feel the pain sensation in the area, or he can run a few tests to examine the proper working of your nervous system. A kidney stone can also generate neck pain. Therefore, blood tests can be done. Other than these process imaging tests are important. X-rays, MRIs, or EGM.

 upper back pain diagonisis

What do these Imaging tests do?

● An X-ray helps a doctor to point out the most possible reason for the pain. It helps to identify the area of trouble or a broken bone.
● EGM or electromyogram is used when the doctor wishes to find demanded nerves or a muscle in your neck or the spine.
● MRI or CT Scan assists a doctor to uncover any issues related to tissue damage.

If you have had an accident, the back pain might be the result of it or if you have recently hurt yourself, you might have upper back pain. If these are your reasons a doctor will check the recent progress and commence treatment according to it. Never ever hide an incident from your doctor!

How To Get Rid Of Upper Back Pain At Home?

If your pain is minimal and it's just beginning, you can try some exercise to relieve yourself from the pain. Some of the exercise to help you get rid of upper back pain.

● Neck Tilt
Tilt Your head towards your shoulder leading with your ear and tense your neck muscles for 5-10 secs. Return to position and repeat 5 times twice daily.

● Neck Turn
Move your neck keeping your head and chin on the same side and height. Tense your neck muscles and hold it for 5-10/secs depending on your comfort. Return to position and repeat twice daily.

You can perform these exercises at your home to get rid of neck pain.

upper back pain treatment at home

How To Get Rid Of Upper Back Spasms- Immediately At Home

If you have spasms, you need to act quickly in order to treat it.

● You have to press the affected area firmly for 30- 60 seconds and massage it. The affected area may hurt and the massage might feel uncomfortable, you have to keep on doing it, but the message should not be painful to the patient. If you feel a pulse, do not put pressure in the area. Both heat or ice can be helpful in treating a spasm.

How To Get Rid Of Upper Left Back Pain?

This back pain can arise due to numerous medical conditions. It can be treated with medications, home remedies, or exercises. You can get rid of mid back pain following these.

● If you are experiencing pain, you can visit the medical store to buy any anti-inflammatory drug like naproxen sodium or ibuprofen to help you relax.
● Home remedies such as heat and cold packs, can relieve your pain.
● Light exercises mentioned above, can also help relieve back pain.
● Visiting a chiropractor will help you largely. They are experts with upper back and neck pains. They generally find out the cause of the pain and fix your routine, adding some exercise in order to help you.

This is how you can get rid of upper right back pain too.

How Can You Prevent Upper Back Pain or Neck Pain?

This is a common issue among the elderly and these days, young adults, too. There are a few preventive measures you can always look upon in order to keep yourself protected.
● Exercise DailyCardio and strength training will help strengthen the back muscles and help prevent any back issues.
● Practise Good Posture
Sitting in the right position will help in the prevention of a curved spine. Always try to sit straight.


● Maintain Healthy Weight
Keeping a balanced diet, and maintaining a healthy body will help in reducing stress on the back.
● Sleep In Right Position
Sleeping right will reduce the chances of back pain. Give enough rest to your body and muscles for a healthy life.


Back pain can be prevented if you follow these measures religiously as your daily routine. Also, you can use a foam roller/ plexus wheel to get rid of neck pain. It generally helps to relax the spine leading to a reduced discomfort of the neck.

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