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How to Get Rid of Your Used Car Fast? Will You Get Top Cash Value?


If you choose to Sell Your Used Vehicle on your own, you will most likely to get most of the money as compared to trade-in or selling it to car buying companies. You should always expect to get higher and higher than the wholesale price and unless your car is in big demand. Buyers should expect to pay quite less as compared to the retail price.

Getting your car to be sold by yourself takes a lot more time and work compared to just driving to a dealership for a trade-in. You have to wait a couple of months along with the hassle of advertising, a plethora of phone calls as well as showing a car. Here is how to sell your car smartly at the best possible price.

Set a Suitable Price

You can go through different car model pages online and can get a perfect idea of what the retail and asking prices are for your car. Go further even a little more and browse used car marketplace to review comparable listing.

If you want to know what a local dealer in your area would offer on a straight-up sale, you will have a plethora of information to set the suitable price of your car. Be mindful that it’s a smart move to set a price of your car a little bit higher over what you are happy with. In that way, you can easily negotiate with a buyer for a slightly lower price and feel good, of course. Being not a flexible will definitely scare off buyers who don’t think they have a chance to negotiate.

Get Your Car Advertised

Whether you accept or deny, some advertising methods are indeed effective and cost can vary from free to most expensive – depends on you. Simply, go with what you think will absolutely work.

  • Ask Nearest and Dearest

Tell your nearest and dearest such as your relatives, colleagues, friends and anyone else you know that you have a car and now it’s for sale. And if you have quite a big network of contacts on Facebook, you would be surprised that how much interest you generate. And interestingly, it’s free-of-cost.

  • Online Classified Ads

It’s undoubtedly the most convenient and fast way to sell your car. Numerous websites are providing free classified listing service – can get lots of attention from your car. Some sites offer different ad packages from free to $100 – depends on what’s included. You will have only 30 days to run your ad without any charges with up to 5 images of your car. However, $49 buys around 150 days with 15 images if you list your car at any well-reputed website.

  • Newspaper Ad

It can work but not an as good option as it used to be. Some newspaper will give you online and print ad for one price. Their rates normally start from $30 to $40 for a week or two. The rates vary from regions to regions.

Showing Your Car

After placing your ad at any well-known classified ad website, make sure you keep your car’s specifications, mileage and other things near your phone as potential buyers will want to see your car. Therefore, be ready and have your schedule ready so that you can easily set a day and time. Don’t be surprised if any caller never shows up.

Let Buyer Inspect Your Car

Obviously, a savvy buyer will want to inspect your car by a mechanic before buying. If a buyer is your friend or nearest. There should a little amount of risk in enabling him/her to take your car away for an inspection. However, if a buyer is entirely a stranger, drive your car to the shop yourself.

Manage Proper Paperwork

The paperwork requirements vary from state to state. Some states require only an odometer reading, your sign on the certificate of title and sale price. And in other states, you must fill out official title-transfer forms. It’s better to contact your state’s DMV (Department of Motor Vehicle) to see what you should do.

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