How to get started and the advantages of Nordic walking?


Have you ever heard about Nordic walking? It is basically a type of physical activity. Nordic Walking in Brisbane is enhanced by using a pair of specially-designed Nordic walking poles.

Nordic walking consists of a pair of walking sticks which is used to propel yourself forward. This engages the upper body and mirrors the workout that is provided by cross-country skiing, which is known for its ability to increase strength, endurance, and cardiovascular function.

If you want to know more about Nordic walking then keep reading this article till the end.

Provides cardiovascular workout

As the name suggests, Nordic walking is equally beneficial like regular walking. In fact, Nordic walking provides even more of a workout. According to research, it burns more calories.

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Further, Nordic walking can either be leisurely or intensive, and you can easily work yourself up to the next level with practice. While some reports have found that walking with arm activation can increase energy expenditure, heart rate, and oxygen uptake when compared to regular walking.

Regular cardiovascular exercise can help you to reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke as well along with other chronic ailments. Moreover, it can also keep you look and feel best.

Improves balance and coordination

Nordic walking can also improve balance and coordination of one’s body. In order to properly move the poles along with your stride, it requires moving your arms in opposition with your legs.

With your upper and lower halves and opposing muscle groups, in this way, your entire body will achieve great balance. The more practice, the better you can complete these motions at speeds.

When you walk using poles, it creates better balance and stability than walking without them. This will give you the confidence to relax and look around as you walk. It can also improve visual coordination as well as posture.

Engages numerous muscle groups

It is believed that Nordic walking has been found to engage up to 90% of the muscles in the body. Abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks, and triceps are the muscles that are targeted through Nordic walking.

Further, it also helps in increasing all-over mobility and reduces muscle pain. According to reports, neck and shoulder pain was diminished with Nordic walking. On top of that, regular Nordic walking also improves your muscular endurance to perform other exercises.

Reduces strain on the joints

Another benefit of this activity is it reduces strain on the joints because the poles used for Nordic walking picks up some of the weight as they some pressure off the knees and other joints. This is what makes Nordic walking an ideal exercise for older people with knee problems and those who recovering from heart-related complications.

For the old age people and those with equilibrium issues, walking with poles is a great way to decrease your chances of falling or similar incident. Additionally, the fact that Nordic walking works the upper body is important for keeping bones and muscles strong.

How to get started?

You should definitely give Nordic walking a try because experts recommend taking a class to learn proper technique. So, starting out without knowing the motions can do more harm than good and can actually lead to strain or even injury.

In order to get started, look around for a class in your area. You will need a set of Nordic walking poles before you begin. You can get these Nordic walking poles from which offers different types of pole walking sticks in Australia along with pole walking accessories.