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How to Grow Your Business on LinkedIn


LinkedIn is one of the important social media platforms for growing your business. Using LinkedIn for business growth can really work wonders. If you are a beginner, you must be aware of some tips and tricks that help your business to grow. LinkedIn is a very effective platform. Numerous professionals use it daily for interacting with their connections and promoting their business. Their main motive is to discuss more industry expertise, promoting their services, and sharing knowledge.


LinkedIn gives the privileges to many businesses to grow and boost their followers. Many professionals grab the leads for their business from LinkedIn. We will discuss 7 Mind-Blowing LinkedIn tips that will boost your business in 2021


1 - Identify your goals


Before initiating any marketing campaign, it is mandatory to plan and then move ahead. For any marketing method, it's vital to recognize your objectives. A full-fledged digital marketing strategy is needed for taking your business to the next level. The standard B2B advertising objectives for LinkedIn may include: 


·        Expanding your LinkedIn profile and authority.

·        Producing, sustaining, and catching leads.

·        Only get conversions

·        Boost your brand name

·        Driving traffic to your site.

·        Advancing occasion appearances.

·        When you understand what your objectives are, it's simpler to define a showcasing a plan that works.


2 - Complete your company profile


Your company profile on LinkedIn is very important. When people connect with you on LinkedIn, they first see your company profile. So it is the need of hours to build an impressive company profile on LinkedIn.

According to an old saying, “First impression is the last impression”. So build your company profile accordingly.

Check out some tips to build an impressive company profile on LinkedIn.

·        Don’t leave anything when you have started making your company profile.

·        It should be free from grammatical errors.

·        Examine the competitor's profile for standing in the competition.

·        Add the link of your website in your company’s profile.

·        Mention the renowned clients of your company in your company’s profile.

·        Mention the accurate details, no lies, no bragging.

·        Add the industry experience.

Your company’s LinkedIn profile is significant as it assists your company to keep in searches. Moreover, your clients get an opportunity to interact with you on LinkedIn. People love to visit your company’s website for fulfilling their needs, which is in turn good for your business growth.


3 - Optimize your page for search


If you think, only website optimization is everything, then you are wrong. You have to optimize the company's profile as well.

It should be done as people can easily find you then. Don’t ignore SEO here. Keywords are the bone of SEO, try to insert keywords at the right places. Make sure the keywords you choose, must depict your business and business goals.


Think like your prospective clients and then add keywords. Moreover, you should also be particular regarding the content you share. You can post images and texts, but make sure what you are sharing should educate your prospective clients.


4-Start Sharing Useful Content


When you have your profile set up, it's an ideal opportunity to begin making content. Content promoting is essential to any online media platform, and LinkedIn is no exemption. Truth be told, content promoting on LinkedIn can be more fruitful than on some other channel.


With LinkedIn, you can grab various experts who are eager for information and data - 91% of leaders rate LinkedIn as their best option for expertly significant content.


Exploit this by sharing websites, online courses and recordings based around points that are applicable to your objective market. Emphases on quality - in the event that you can, contact thought pioneers in your industry who are dynamic on LinkedIn and request that they contribute. Offer your content regularly and you will before long develop an audience of people that returns to your page each week.


Many people don’t consider LinkedIn as budget friendly, but here they are wrong. Content marketing on LinkedIn doesn’t require a huge budget. There are some free tools which can assist in creating quality content. Following are some tools that can help you.


·        Unsplash - It is a library of free hi-res images.

·        Canva - For creating graphics

·        Lumen5 - for turning text into video in minutes.

·        Piktochart - Assists in an infographic creator.


Some Tips for sharing good content


1.     Posts headline should be between 40-69 characters along with spaces.

2.     On Tuesday and Thursday, high quality content should be shared.

3.     The posts which have low values should be shared on Monday and Friday.

4.     Hashtags should be used wisely.

5.     You can also tag your team members so your content will rotate and gain more impressions.


5-   Grow your network


LinkedIn is best for building networks. You have to do content marketing on LinkedIn to build your network. Following are some tips by following which you can build a strong community.

·        Try to tag connections in your LinkedIn posts.

·        Always ask your clients to give your company page testimony and recommendation. This works like a great social proof.

·        Sharing your connection’s content also works effectively, if they belong to the same niche as yours.

·        Always check that all of your company’s employees follow the company page of yours. Chances are high that they will share your content.

·        Never hesitate to invite your customers and partners to follow your company page.

·        Tell people about your LinkedIn presence by sharing links of your company’s LinkedIn profile on your blogs, press releases and email newsletters.


6- Be Experimental


Experiment allows you to help where you lie. Moreover, doing different experiments can work for your business. You can post content on varied timings. This assures you to know which post is getting more hits.


Also you can examine the competitors' activity. You get an idea regarding:-


·        How effectively are they using LinkedIn?

·        What exceptional things do they perform for their company?

·        What needs to be improved?


7-Tracking of your results


Only using LinkedIn for business is not sufficient, you can check results regularly. Don’t worry, stop bothering which tool you need to use for it?

LinkedIn has its analytics page that can generate insights too. From there you can track- Visitor analytics, update analytics and follower analytics.

A.   Visitor analytics

In Visitor analytics, you will get the idea of people who click your page, the total number of page views, demographic information, the ratio of visitor from mobile as well desktop.

B.   Update analytics

There you will get an idea about clicks, comments, shares, organic as well as sponsored content.

C.   Follower analytics


There you will get an idea about the followers, how much you have achieved in the last 30 days, their demographic data etc.


Final thoughts


Beyond question, a standout amongst other promoting channels that will assist you with the advancement of your business is LinkedIn. With regards to proficient internet organizing, LinkedIn is best for building an online community for your business. Your business should be on there and you should benefit as much as possible from the chances it offers.


Ideally, these LinkedIn promoting methodologies will help you devise an online media showcasing plan for your business.  If you are seeking assistance in LinkedIn marketing, we are right here to assist you. Having questions? Ask us freely in the comment section.



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