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How to grow your business using instagram

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Simply being on Instagram is not enough for your business. You need to use it well and involve your followers for your account to be worth your time and effort. But you first need to have followers in order to have successful interaction on Instagram. Unfortunately, once you create an account, followers don't just automatically roll in. It takes time to build your Instagram following, but with consistent strategy and efforts, the famous photo-sharing site can become a powerful addition to your social media tool for your business.

Why is Instagram so important in market place?


A large number of advertisers are also drawn to the site by the large number of active Instagram users. Instagram also experiences a greater rate of interaction than any other network of social media. Around 2 to 7 percent of Instagram users connect on the site with each post they come across. Buy instagram real follower from buysocialfan.


Steps to grow your business using instagram


1. Optimize your bio

Start from the very start. Does the image of your bio represent your company (or you)? Do you have an engaging summary of your goods or services? Have you added a website link? In your profile, do you use clickable hashtags?

Start by refining and optimizing your Instagram bio if you have responded "no" to any of these questions.

2.  Post outstanding, exclusive content

Instagram is a visual medium, and the secret is eye-catching images. To get people's attention, you don't have to fly to Bali or cook luscious desserts (although it doesn't hurt!), but you need to concentrate your energies on special high-quality images that are beautifully selected and edited.

Free apps for photo editing will give your photos a professional quality that sets you apart from the competition.

3. Get on a clear strategy for posting

People purchase goods and services from companies that they trust (and their friends). By publishing your great content regularly, the way to develop a relationship with potential customers is by posting your great content consistently.

Hootsuite also provides free social media posting software so that you can schedule regular posts in one session.

Pro tip: Figure out the best time to upload and stick to that plan for your posts on Instagram.

4. Focus on Instagram Live and Stories

These two tools bring life to your images. While a photo is a brief snapshot, Live and Stories can go more in-depth and show the much-needed personality of your company. They also offer an opportunity to connect with polls and other widgets that provide quick feedback and easier connection access. In 24 hours, stories used to fade away, but Instagram now provides resources to arrange them on your bio.

5. Tap into the hashtags of your industry (but not too much!)

        Adding a clickable hashtag to your Instagram bio

        Follow hashtags for your industry to stay up-to-date

        Consider adding hashtags as the first comment in your post to avoid cluttering your image

        Use both “big-hit” hashtags (lots of followers) and more specific hashtags (fewer but more focused followers who are more likely to be looking for your exact services)

        Add hashtags to your Instagram stories

        Use your branded hashtag in every post

        Take some time to find the best hashtags for your industry, and use them consistently

6. Track the analytics

Using the analytics tools of Instagram to see how each post is doing. To see who is checking out your content, how they got there and who clicked a link in your bio, click "view insights" under each message. Analytics make the world of digital marketing go 'round'. Keep track and let your numbers do the job for you.

7. Bring posters for visitors or post them to another account

Inviting an industry expert to "take over" your Instagram account or take over another account for the day will give your Instagram account excitement and variety.

8. Host a gift

Everybody likes things for free. If you sell services (instead of products), new friends and fans can be brought in by teaming up with another account to host a giveaway (or being creative with your own giveaway).

9. Give discounts to “followers only“

Just over 40 percent of Instagrammers claim that just to get a perk, they will follow an account. Offer money off of services, free consultations, or some other incentive to attract and keep them involved) new followers.

10. Be attentive and pay attention

Don't post and just walk away. By answering questions, reacting to feedback, and 'liking' what they say, engage with your followers. This is a huge part of building relationships, but it is a move that many brands miss. And a two-way street is social media. Like and comment on the posts of your fans, too.

Finally, one important aspect is “Don’t buy followers”

Sure, you could spend a little cash and pick up a couple thousand followers, but remember: social media is about building relationships.

Relationships based on dishonesty are not supposed to last and revenue would definitely not be added. Yeah, it takes more time for the ethical way to put up a big one, but that base is rock solid and likely to last.

Fake followers might seem amazing, but your company is not likely to expand in the long run.

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