Monday, December 11, 2023
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How to Have a More Effective Hiring Process

The hiring process is invaluable in hiring the ideal staff to conduct company business. However, there are steps that can be taken in order to improve this process. Doing so may give a business more appropriate candidates to achieve company goals and increase their bottom line. Here is the appropriate way to facilitate a more effective hiring process.

Write Attractive Job Descriptions

One of the first things a prospective candidate will see when applying to a new job is the job description. An ideal job description will be straight to the point on what the candidate cares about. This will include required credentials or qualifications, job duties and how it benefits them. There are different approaches you can use to go about writing these descriptions, and based on what the company needs, it can be adapted as needed.

There is the popular needs-supplies approach, which primarily focuses on what the company can do for the candidate. This is where a company will emphasize potential benefits and opportunities to grow. This can be especially enticing for motivated candidates who will have incentive to be a productive employee. There is also the demands-abilities approach, which will emphasize what the company expects from the candidate. Using this approach means a company's job description will focus more on what the qualifications of the candidate are, what their specific duties will entail and how long they will be expected to work.

Research has shown that the former approach is more effective because the focus is more on the candidate and their needs, but since every business has different expectations, the description can be changed as the needs of the business change.

Use Social Media

The power of social media cannot be underestimated because this expands your reach to potential candidates. Most people these days want to work with those who embrace the power of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other means of social communication. It is simply more convenient as well, because you may be able to get pertinent information on a candidate's personality for better or worse.

While some may believe that making an inquiry into a candidate's social media profile may be stretching certain boundaries, it will give you a better indication of who you are hiring and just how qualified they are. This can also facilitate a smoother interview process because you will have background information on them as well.

Be Swift with Responses

An attractive candidate will likely garner plenty of attention, and companies cannot expect that candidate to continue to wait for a response. In fact, there are some sources that state that most good candidates will likely search for employment elsewhere after 10 days. If you see that they respond to your job posting, try to get a formal interview scheduled as soon as the resume and cover letter is adequately reviewed.

If you wait too long, they may assume that the company is not interested in them. If you have interviewed them, time should be spent determining if they are right for the job. Even if you require more time to make a decision, it is important to frequently follow-up with them and update their status. At least provide them with the courtesy that they are still in consideration. That way, you can facilitate potential talent optimization within a reasonable amount of time. Going a prolonged period of time without communication is about the last thing a company would want to do.

As you can see, the hiring process is crucial in forming an effective team. Follow these tips for a smoother process.

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