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How to Hire a Good Web Development Team

Web development is a highly competitive sphere nowadays. Having a good website is essential for any company. With over 1,7 billion websites available, you need to create something outstanding to surpass the competition. The best way to hire web developers is to outsource web development. If you want to find a dedicated remote team for your project, this article is for you.

Define Your Requirements

The very first thing to work on is the specific needs of your enterprise and project. You need to know precisely:

     what specialists you need to hire (web developers, web design specialists, QA engineers, etc.);

     the reasons to hire web developers;

     the desired structure of a website development team;

     your project’s complexity;

     necessary developers skills (front-end, back-end, full-stack);

Types of Business Model

Depending on your project specifics, here are the most widely used models of cooperation between enterprises and web development teams:

     Project-based. This model is widely used by small businesses and startups. It requires a predefined scope of work and scheduled deadlines. The web developers are in charge of project management and selecting the technologies. According to this model, the web development team is responsible for the project.

     Dedicated team. This is an ideal option for adding complex features to your websites. You can manage the process yourself through your project manager or pass it to the development team’s project manager. As for responsibilities, the project manager is responsible for the project’s success.

     Outstaffing. This is the best solution for huge complex projects. For this model, you need an in-house project manager or a CTO. Using the outstaffing model, you have more responsibilities for progress management, control, etc.

The Web Development Team Structure

Web development teams can have different structures, and the key roles are Project Manager, Information Architect, UI/UX designer, and Requirement Analyst. You need the right person for each position. Here is a brief explanation of every important role in a web development team.

     Project Manager - is in charge of the timely product delivery and interaction between the corporation and the outsource team.

     Information Architect - organizes the website structure and its content. Helps users in finding and navigating the website.

     UI/UX designer - designs the website from the user viewpoint. This person deals with possible interactions between users and a website.

     Requirement Analyst - interprets your ideas into technical assignments for other specialists.

Where to Hire a Web Developer?

The following websites are the best places to look for freelance developers:


This is the most popular place to find any freelance specialists. The website has many helpful filters for effective search. It also has tools for time tracking and automated payments.


Another popular freelancer marketplace. Its highlight is various payment options, such as per hour, per task, etc.

Another reliable website to look for freelancer developers. You can communicate with the candidates in online chats. It also includes many features to make the search easier.

Those websites are suitable for looking for a single person. If you are interested in finding the whole team, it is better to use these websites:


This is a popular website where customers share their experience working with different development teams and rate them. You can search by rating or other using other filters. On this website, you can find detailed information about the pros and cons of each development team.

10 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Web Development Team

If a business owner asks, “How to find a good web developer team?” the best possible answer will be “Ask questions!”. The more details you know, the better you understand whether a team is suitable. Here are the best questions to ask the development team:

1. Who owns the content rights?

Content is everything that a website includes (images, texts, videos). Define who will own them after the website is launched.

2. What are the programming languages and technologies you utilize most frequently?

Before you ask this question, get acquainted with the latest market tendencies. If the developer team provides services according to them, you will get a top-notch product. It is even better when they try to learn new coding and utilize cutting-edge tools.

3. Can you deal with cross-platform web development?

Make sure your website will be available for the most potential users. The wider the range of devices, the better chance for success. Make sure your website is compatible with most browsers, and the mobile version is also well-thought.

4. What is your approach to managing web traffic?

This question is essential when you know that many people are going to visit your website simultaneously. Handling heavy traffic is a crucial feature many websites lack.

5. How easy is it to change the functionality?

During the project development, you may change some details in functionality. A good development team should be flexible and adaptable to changes while working on the website. After the website is launched, it should be customizable according to the company’s changes.

6. Do you do research before starting the project?

This question is crucial to define the level of professionalism. The website quality depends on how detailed the research is. Give favor to candidates who find primary research necessary for any project.

7. Is SEO involved?

SEO helps you appear in search engines more often. If it is adequately involved, your target audience will see your website when they search for relevant terms.

8. What projects have you worked on before?

Experience is one of the key characteristics of a good web development team. You can also ask for a portfolio. If a team has worked on similar projects before, you will see what result to expect.

Ending note

To sum up, finding a good development team is a challenging and time-consuming process. You have to keep various criteria in mind. After reading our article, we hope you will be able to hire a development team that will create an excellent website for you.

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