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How to Hire Cairns Movers and Packers

Moving home and belongings can be upsetting, frustrating, or exciting, to say the least. In case one is seeking a moving company to make the next move free of worry, one must conduct some research prior to signing a contract.


The right Cairns movers will take good care of one's belongings right from the moment you call them to the point when they are being unloaded in one's new home. So it is good to seek the help of professional movers to handle the tough job of moving.


Following are some important tips to hire the right movers and packers:


Seek referrals

With regard to choosing a removalist company, one can begin by asking for recommendations from persons that can be trusted, like family members and friends. In fact, one's realtor, friends, and co-workers can suggest names of local companies for moving and packing as well as name companies to avoid.


Taking inventory

Every moving company worth its salt will send their reps to inspect one's home and take an inventory of all your belongings like furniture and appliances. They can offer a nearly accurate estimate of how much the total costs can be through such taking of inventory.


Because all movers calculate their price by weight, one important factor for moving will be the weight of one's stuff. Both movers and oneself should know how much of total stuff there is. One can do a pre-inventory check so that the movers don't cheat or over-charge.


Get estimates in writing

Getting written, in-person estimates make sure that the quote one receives from every moving company is most accurate while providing an opportunity to learn more about the services provided by the moving professionals.


Be up-front

Ensure that you show the inventory taker all belongings like furniture, clothes, electronic gadgets, and packed boxes, which one desires that the moving company should handle. This is because though the movers cannot charge you extra on moving day to transport additional items, they can refuse to transport items excluded in the contract.


Enquire about extra fees

Unpleasant surprises are totally unwelcomed on moving day. So, ask the moving company up-front about any extra or hidden fees like fuel surcharges, equipment fees etc which could be included in the final bill.


Avoid companies with multiple names

It is typically a bad sign for companies to undergo one or more name changes. There are some legit reasons why some companies change names like new brands, change in ownership etc. But if a moving company has changed names many times, it is quite possible that they are trying to shirk bad reviews. When a company gets multiple bad reviews on sites like Better Business Bureau, it resorts to changing its name to avoid being caught. To avoid this, one can do research on the previous names of the company and its reviews.


Check insurance coverage

One must ask the professional moving company about insurance protection for one's belongings. Ensure that one gets insurance details in writing. One can also check whether one's homeowner insurance policy when one's belongings are being transported to a new home.


These are some of the top tips to decide on the best professional Cairns movers.


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