How to hire the best truck rental while moving to a college dorm?


Moving into college is one of the most exciting times in an individual’s life but also the scariest ones because you have to wrap lots of tasks within a short period. No matter how many miles away you need to move to study at the college campus, you need to start preparing ahead of time. If you start preparing ahead of time then the hectic schedule turns into an efficient one. For college students, moving is not an easier task because of a lower budget.  

But hiring a moving company ends up costing you higher therefore, hiring the best Ryder truck rental will be a good option for you. It will help you in saving thousands of dollars. 

First, choose the right size of the truck 

First, you have to choose the right truck size according to your needs and requirements. Make sure you check the website of the company to know the different sizes of the truck. Before renting the truck, you should estimate the size and weight of the belongings that you want to transport in your college dorm. Usually, when it comes to the dorm move, belongings are lower in weight therefore 10 feet truck is enough to transport. 

It is recommended you not to underestimate the volume of the stuff that you possess so don’t choose a smaller size of the truck than that of your needs. Make sure the size of the truck you choose is 10% larger than your estimated volume of items. When it comes to hiring a truck, make sure you choose the right company. 

The cost of the moving truck 

The moving truck companies cost the truck rental depends on the truck size as well as the distance and duration of the move. Most of the moving companies involve insurance cost, additional fuel, and add-on accessories when it comes to estimating the cost of the truck rental. Most of the time, people forget toll costs to include while estimating the cost of the moving truck rental. Consider all these factors to estimate the cost of the truck rental. Apart from these things, getting a moving quote from three to four companies will be a good option so you can choose the right company that is in your budget. 

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Will you drive the truck on your own? 

Driving the truck on your own can be a little trickier because most of the time, people have never driven a large vehicle. If you are thinking to drive the truck on your own, consider these a few things: 

Before you hit the road, take a minute. Get familiarize yourself with the truck, bolts, and nuts. Adjust the mirrors so you can see back and front of the road. Figure out the windshield wipers and try to turn on or off the lights at least once or twice. If you are choosing to hire a large moving truck then it can have three members inside the truck. 

Keep in mind that most of the moving does not have any backseat so you can’t have more than one or two family members with you. Make sure you take much larger turns that you don’t take in your normal routine with your car. Remember that you are driving a truck therefore you need to carry a long car or truck. 

Keep the distance away from the other cars and vehicles. Driving a large vehicle means you have to pay attention to every little detail because you do not drive such large vehicles very frequently. 

Wrapping it all up!!!

Hiring the best truck rental to move in your college dorm is a good option to save thousands of dollars. Just follow about the guide and choose the right truck as per your needs and requirements while saving your efforts and money.