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How to Hire the Right Brain Injury Lawyer?

According to the CDC, brain injury is one of the most prominent reasons for death in the United States. In other cases, it leads to hospitalization and lifelong disabilities. A brain injury can, therefore, completely turn your life upside down. Car accidents or collisions are one of the most common reasons for brain injuries.

But recovering from the injury is not the only challenge you have to face. Exorbitant hospital bills and loss of income also put you and your family under a lot of emotional and financial stress. The only way you can overcome some of the financial stress is by seeking compensation for your injuries. For this, you need a specialized personal injury attorney who can help you with your case and achieve positive outcomes. 

A good compensation can help to cover your medical expenses and also lead a better life. So, here are some of the questions you should ask when hiring a brain injury lawyer. 

How Much Experience They Have Handling Brain Injury Cases? 

Traumatic brain injury is a broad category and can include edema, concussions, hematoma, skull fracture, and diffuse axonal injuries. So, you want a lawyer who knows about all these injuries and not just playing around. Your lawyer should be capable of investigating your brain injuries and explaining them to the concerned people. 

Brain injuries can result from car accidents, falls, using defective products or negligence. And, every circumstance has a different legal impact on your case. So, your lawyer should have experience in handling various cases related to brain injury. A lawyer who has a good relationship with neurologists, insurance companies, and other experts can help speed up your claim. 

How Positive Are Their Reviews, And What Is Their Claim Settlement Ratio? 

Going through client reviews on the firm’s website, legal directories, or Google will help you know how committed they are to their clients. You have to hire a lawyer who fights hard to get what you deserve and aggressively pursues compensation either inside or outside the court. 

Try to take your time going through different resources, looking at both positive and negative reviews to have a clear idea of what you can expect from your personal injury attorney. Your attorney should possess a good reputation and a track of success in complex brain injury cases. You can verify this from the success stories and results displayed on their website. 

What’s The Fee Structure, And If There Are Any Hidden Charges? 

Most lawyers charge a contingency fee, which means they only get paid if you receive the compensation. They will charge some part of the compensation for their service. So, you need to ask and understand the exact percentage your lawyer will charge for their services. 

Preparing a brain injury lawsuit can be expensive and include upfront payments for copies of your medical records, filing fees, expert witnesses, and more. So, you must negotiate with your lawyer about these costs and ask if they are ready to advance them on your behalf and deduct them later from your compensation. 

Once you have finalized a personal injury attorney, make sure you have a face-to-face meeting with them. Meeting them in person will help you know how compassionate and dedicated they are. Do they listen to you? How good are their communication skills? 


Do you feel confident sharing your details with them? How cooperative is their team? If you get a positive answer to all your questions, you have found the right attorney. 

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