How to Host a Disney Themed Costume Party


Costume parties were prevalent during the Renaissance period and in England in the 18th century. But, don't be surprised to see a costume party in your neighborhood- they are now back with a bang! Costume parties are an excellent way to bond with loved ones and profess your love for certain characters using disney costumes from blossom costumes. Are you seeking to throw a Disney themed party? There are various ways to do this, and you don't want to make mistakes.


Check out ideas for a fun-filled event:


1. Determine the number of guests

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The party's size defines your planning process, including the venue, activities, and food choices. If planning a grand party, begin the preparations at least six months earlier. On the other hand, four months are enough for a small gathering.


2. Come up with a budget.


Now that you have an idea of the party size set a budget to cater to all the expense. Create a list of all the requirements and their costs. These include;


  • Venue

  • Catering services

  • Decorations

  • Disney costumes

  • Entertainment and more.


Think of ways to cut on costs and come up with costs and design the most affordable budget.


3. Book a venue


If you're not planning to hold the party in your garden, you need enough space for all your guests. Search around and choose the most suitable venue for the party. Factor in the number of invites and your budget as well. Also, plan for different activities depending on the venue size.


4. Choose the right decorations.


Divide the venue into different sections and showcase your love for Disney movies and characters. Use decorations inspired by your best Disney movies and watch them transform the entire space. 


5. Shop for the costumes


There are various Disney themed costumes that you can acquire for your loved ones. They come in different sizes, colors and cost, and you'll get in all sizes. For the boys, you can choose the Mask superhero costume or the Captain Hook Pirate peter. 


For the girls, the choices are limitless. You can go for; Disney classic Moana, Dinsey top classic Jessie, Finding Nemo girls costume and more. 


6. Send out invites


Design Disney themed cards and send them to all your guests. You can also send invites via mail. Do this two months before the big day to allow your guests time to prepare. Share the theme of the even in your invitation to help the guests acquire the right costumes and masks. Also, remind all guests of the type of costumes to wear for the event.


7. Hire great entertainers 


Research for local musicians and DJs in your locality. For excellent results, hire professionals. But, you can go for talented musicians and entertainers in your area if on a budget. Also, develop a contract for all the entertainers. It will come in handy if any conflicts arise. Have the bands perform before hiring them to ascertain their exercise and avoid disappointments.


The bottom line


Planning and hosting Disney themed costume party has never been easier. Nowadays, you can get a wide variety of Disney themed costumes for people of all ages. This makes it easier to choose the best outfits and dress appropriately. For a successful event, consider the above ideas and have great moments with loved ones.