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How to Identify Indian Goat Breeds

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Goat is a wonderful animal that has been farmed for many reasons like milk, meat, and fiber. If you want to start your own venture by buying some goats, then you must know and identify the available breeds that can serve the purpose. It is very important to identify the breed as most of them have common features otherwise it will be difficult for them.

For example, if you want to start the business for both milk, meat and for fiber production, then you need to choose the goat breed accordingly. There are online sites available, where you can explore the varitey of high-breed goats and as per your requirements you can book and buy goats online too.

Generally, Indian breeds are the best choice for goat farming as they are hardy, productive, and adjustable to any type of climate. However, a selected number of breeds are suitable for commercial production. Without the proper knowledge, the scope of failure is high.

To solve the problem here is the ultimate guide that will help you to identify the common Indian Goat breeds.

Osmanabadi Goats:

This breed is easily available in Maharashtra and also found in neighboring states like Telengana and Karnataka. Black is the most common color of this breed though you can get it in white, brown, and spotted colors also. The body of the Osmanabadi Goats is full of short hair but in the thigh and hind areas, you can find long hair. When you will buy Osmanabadi goats, check the body feature as well which is generally large enough supported by four long legs.

Beetal Goat:

It is the most common breed in India available all over the country especially in Haryana and Punjab. You can purchase this breed for the purpose of commercial farming for meat and milk. The characteristic of Beetal goat is that it is predominantly black and brown in color along with white spots all over the body. The bodyweight of the goat will be around 35 to 65 kg depending on gender.

Jamunapari Goat:

This goat was first discovered in Uttar Pradesh but now it is available all through India. This is the largest breed of goat in India. Most of the Jamanapari Goat is white in color but you can find other colors as well. There is a black marking on the ears on the goat that can be the identification mark for Jamanapari. Another important feature is the long hair on the buttock area. The horns of the goat horizontally twisted backside. This breed is popular for milk production as it can produce up to 3 liters of milk daily.

Barbari Goat:

This is another breed that is available to serve the dual purposes of milk and meat. This goat is commonly found in Northern states of India like Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, and Delhi. White is the most common color of this breed with light brown patches preferably upside of the body. The body of Barbari goat is full of short hair and they have a unique style of horns that erect outside from their head. The average weight of the goat is 25 to 45 kg depending on gender and age.

I hope you find this article helpful and now you can decide which goat to consider as per your needs.

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