Monday, December 4, 2023
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How to Impress Your Business Clients with Limousine Hire

When it comes to looking after your most important clients or landing a new deal, one of the best tactics to use is to treat them to an out of the ordinary experience that lets them know how important they are to the future of your business.

By making your customers feel important, you will already have taken half a step towards building a long-lasting business relationship, and we have come up with one novelty idea that will help you achieve your business relationship goals – why not try using a Limousine hire service?

When your customers land at the airport or need picking up from their hotel, it is hard to beat arriving in a limousine. Not only will your customer be impressed, but you too will also benefit from the same luxury as you also get to travel through your town or city in style. You can be fairly certain that your client will be impressed because let’s face it - who doesn’t like travelling in a limousine when they get the chance?

Aside from the luxury aspect of riding through town in a luxury limousine, you also have a spacious environment inside the vehicle to conduct business. This helps to either break the ice, or if you are already familiar with your client, you can begin preliminary discussions for any up and coming meetings or planned discussions before reaching the office.

Hiring a limousine does not have to be all about business either. Most limousine hire companies offer luxury day tours of the city, lunch visits, trips to art galleries, and museums. This is the perfect way to build a casual non-business relationship with your clients while treating them to something different other than work. You can book the limousine for an entire day that includes hotel or airport pickups and drop-offs, lunch visits, and tours to famous town or city landmarks.

Allure Limousines offers limo hire in Perth Australia and is a prime example of a limousine hire company that offers a complete suite of services for both personal and business stretch limo hire. One of the tours offered by Allure Limousines is a visit to the Swan Valley wine region just 20 kilometres outside of the city. With Allure Limousines you and your customer would be able to try out Australia’s finest Shiraz, Chenin Blanc, and Chardonnay.

After a pleasant and fun trip, you can climb back into a fully airconditioned or heated limousine and get back to business or continue with your ‘get to know your customer’ goals in order to continue to build a relationship with your customer.

Just to recap – here are 3 reasons why limousine hire is perfect for business meetings:

  • Show your customers they are important to your business
  • Break the ice while travelling in style in a spacious limousine
  • Take your customers on a tour of your town or city

On top of this, limousine hire helps you make the most of your time with your customers. Firstly, you do not need to drive your own car. Driving your customers yourself can make concentrating on the conversation at hand difficult. Arguably, you could just take a taxi but waiting for a taxi or flagging one down during rush hour can be time-consuming, and this defeats the object of showing your customers how important they are to your business by impressing them with a flashy limo.

Furthermore, while you may get stuck in rush hour traffic while in the limousine, you will be stuck in traffic in style!

Adding to this, if you have hired the limousine for the day, you also get a driver for the day. You can instruct the driver what times you need to meet and where so there are no delays travelling between office, clients, lunch, and tours. You can plan out the entire day and give your limousine driver a schedule in advance so he or she can plan routes and anticipate traffic on the day. In between office visits and meetings, you still have the luxury of being able to conduct business while on the road.

Limousine hire for business purposes has so many advantages when it comes to impressing your clients, and we have not even touched on the subject of hiring a stretched limo for office parties and as a reward or treat for your own employees!

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