How To Improve Efficacy of Your Employed Drivers


Having a well operating company depends on staff members who understand their positions and are dedicated to doing them. This includes the drivers of your trucking fleet, who are the ones to bring your products to your clients. Their swift and accurate deliveries ensure that your customers are happy and willing to order from you again. Here are a few ways to improve the efficiency of these employees. 

Provide a List Of Contacts

While your driver is on the road, it can be a challenge for them to know who to reach out to if something occurs to either them or their truck. Provide a list of individuals and departments within your company along with their phone numbers and email addresses to each person who operates a vehicle for your business. Be sure to protect it by laminating it or putting it in an easy to use file folder to prevent it from getting damaged while they are on the road. Highlight particular numbers, such as the mechanic who takes care of the machinery and vehicle camera systems or the dispatch center, so that their contact information is easy to locate in the event of an emergency. Consider giving them a duplicate copy for them to take home in case their spouse or other family member needs to reach your organization as well. 

Recognize the Hard Work That They Do

There are multiple ways to express to your drivers that you appreciate the effort and dedication that they have for your company. Their job is far from easy, so recognition could mean a great deal to them. It can be as simple as announcing to the company something that they did very well or if a customer gives them a compliment. It can also be a bonus in their paycheck if they complete a certain amount of miles or go a number of days without an accident. Sponsoring a lunch for the entire department to honor the work that they do or providing breakfast before their shift one day a week can also tell them that you are thankful for them. This gesture might inspire them to try harder and to complete their tasks quickly and efficiently.

Listen To What They Have To Say

Your drivers are the ones who work with your clients face to face each day and are the most knowledgeable of what they need to do to satisfy them. When they come to you with a suggestion on how to make the system work better or what will make their jobs easier, listen to what they have to say and take it to heart. Document their ideas, then research if it is a practical change to make. Ask them to be involved with the process and give them ownership of the project. Be sure that they get recognition for the improvements that they have made. Hearing what your staff has to say and acknowledging the value of it will encourage them to continue thinking outside the box and developing ways to make your company operate better. 

Be Sure That They Get Time For a Break

Getting shipments to your clients is vital to the success of your company. However, if you burn your drivers out to get this accomplished, they can resent doing their job and be less motivated to get your product to your customers on time. Set up their day so that they have time to take a break off the road to relax. Regulate the loads that they are responsible for so that this part of their schedule is possible for them. Inform your management team to make this a priority and be sure that they follow your directions every day. Reach out to businesses to see if they can provide discounts to your staff members, then pass this along to those out on the road. Giving these individuals extra moments to recharge themselves between stops will let them know that you care about them and motivate them to do their tasks well. 

Provide Training For Every Member of Your Staff

There are new regulations that are passed each year concerning freight hauling in your state. Refresh yourself on what they are, then schedule time with your drivers to talk about what these rules entail and what they should do to follow them. You also need to set aside time to teach your management what it takes to be a leader, especially if they are newly promoted to the position. You can do this yourself or bring an expert in to talk on the subject. Another option is to encourage attending a seminar or learning through an online course. Offer compensation and a possible reward for those that show proof of completing these classes as incentive to take them. Your drivers are an important part of your company. Their contact with your clients leave a lasting impression of your organization. Through training, listening, and recognition, you can encourage them to take ownership of their position and to do their tasks efficiently.