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How to Improve the EPC Rating with Lighting

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Over the last few years’ people have started following the latest regulations of law to make their house energy efficient. So while building a home, you should analyze the impact of lighting on energy efficiency of your house. So for this you have to choose the advanced lighting technology. That will allow you to save money on energy bills and get the better EPC rating. Yes the lighting technology you are using in your house have a great impact on the overall EPC rating. So here in this article we are discussing about how the lighting will actually affect your overall EPC rating.

The Impact of Different Forms of Lighting on Epcs Rating:

Basically, there are three forms of lighting technology that are being used worldwide. So here we are discussing about their impacts on overall EPC rating, and ways how they are effective to make your house energy efficient.

1. Incandescent Lighting:

This is actually the oldest technology that people use for lighting up the house. Actually, this type of lighting technology is least efficient and will take more power to light up your house. That will become reason of having higher energy bills. Basically, this technology is almost 100 years old. So, it’s better to avoid using this technology in your homes.

2. Halogen Spotlights:

You can easily find Halogen lighting in some parts of the UK. Most probably you will find this type of lighting in spotlight fittings. As compared to incandescent lighting this form of lighting is still much more efficient. That’s why this technology is still being used in some parts of the world.  But keep in mind that according to the current regulations by making your house energy efficient this technology is still not reliable. As it will give you a high rating of EPC.

3. LED Lighting:

The last type of lighting that is being widely used all over the world for making their homes energy efficient is to use LED lighting. Currently this technology is being widely used in all parts of the world as it fulfills all the requirements of making the home energy efficient. Other than that, this type of lighting will also help you to save money on the energy bills. They use to have very long life spans as compared to other types of bulbs. And are available at very reasonable rates.

Impact of Energy Efficient Lighting in Domestic Epcs:

Actually, you should know that while getting the domestic EPC London agents will count all the lights present in the house. Other than that they will also count the number of energy efficient lights present in the house. Other than that you should know that there will be no consideration of various types of lights and their respective efficiencies in EPC. Basically, it is a simple process that will obviously have its own drawbacks. So yes, you can simply improve the overall rating of your EPC by changing the old lighting of the house. And installing the energy efficient lighting in your home.

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