How to Improve the ROI of Your Marketing Campaign


Marketing campaigns are costly but also essential. The best solution is to create a campaign that brings in more revenue than the campaign itself costs. Unfortunately, this is not a guarantee every time you put out an advertisement. To ensure your ROI is good, you need to balance the pros, cons and adjust again and again until you have a winning formula – and then do it all again during your next campaign.

To help you improve that next campaign, use this guide:

Easy Ways to Track Engagement

To start, you will need to track how people are engaging with your marketing campaign. This is essential because low engagement means that you are either marketing to the wrong people or giving the wrong message. By being able to analyze how successful a campaign is by how it is received and engaged with by customers, you can make improvements that see results.


It is easy as pie to track online engagement, so long as you have everything set up before you begin. This means having Google Analytics set up to your website, as well as having all your social accounts set to a business profile. Only when these steps are taken will the providers track engagement and activity across your digital presence.

There are additional ways that you can help this along, too. For example, if you are having a special sale, discount, or other targeted campaign, creating new landing pages for the purpose of your campaign is the best way to start.


Offline requires a few additional steps. To start, have a unique toll-free number, link, or discount code for all your print media. This way, if someone uses any of these, you will automatically know where they have come from and whether or not that print campaign was a success.

That isn’t the only step you will need to take, however. Just like with Google Analytics, you need to make sure that you have the right services in place to better track and help you understand how people are engaging with your brand offline.

This is particularly important when it comes to direct communication, but thankfully there are some great business texting services available that will allow you to track, record, and analyze messages to provide better service to that customer and all who follow.

Have Fun

If you put too much emphasis on creating the perfect campaign, you often boil down your creativity to a formula. Though formulas can work, people tend to not engage when they feel an advertisement isn’t fun, or thoughtful, or genuine.This particularly applies to online advertisements and on their social feeds. To make sure your campaigns are full of life:

  • Try to create social media advertisements that feel like personal social media posts.
  • Try to create PPC campaigns that sound informative and hit the right stage of the buying process.
  • Try to create print ads that give people something to enjoy and think about when waiting on their commute.

By understanding what your customers are likely doing when they are engaging with that particular type of media, you can craft a campaign that suits their needs. Use analytics to fine-tune it, and don’t be afraid to try new things in the process.