How to improve the SEO positioning of your online store?


SEO is one of the factors with which you are going to make your business visible. A business with a physical store on an avenue will have customers, because people will see it when they go down the street or they will have the reference of someone they know, for example. It only takes a little attention to get people to look around and have something that solves a problem to have high purchase possibilities.

In the case of an online store, it is more complex. To have visibility on the Internet, you have to have traffic, in the literal sense. It will be the same as the people who look out to see the products in an establishment. Visibility will translate into possible sales, if you offer something that users really like and meet their needs, your chances of conversion will increase. The question is how to get that online visibility among so much competition. Here are a few tips for you for improving SEO position for your business.

The main errors and how to fix them

Once you understand what SEO positioning is and why it is so important, it is time to identify what mistakes you may be making in your online business. To do this, we are going to make a brief diagnosis with the most common errors in ecommerce and later we will give you some tips that will be very useful to solve them.

Keep in mind that the next thing you are going to read is an orientation guide. If you really want to improve the SEO of your online store, we recommend having the specialized services of a digital marketing agency, expert in SEO or white label SEO reseller service as they will make a diagnosis of your website and help you carry out the best strategies to enhance your ecommerce.

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Do not analyze the keywords for your business

If you want to improve the SEO of your online store, this is one of the first actions you should take. Why? Because today, and no matter how much is said, keywords are still one of the most important factors when it comes to positioning any content on the Internet.

To choose the right ones, we can use some tools such as:

Google Keyword Planner for Adwords. Google's own keyword planner.


KW Finder

Keyword Tool



Putting your keywords in the wrong places

Once you have identified your keywords, it is time to strategically place them to improve the SEO of your online store. This will influence the traffic that we are going to attract and where we redirect it. The best thing to do is direct it to the pages or sections of the web that drive sales. But… what are they? Product or category pages.

At the end of the day, what interests you is that these pages appear when a user does a search. Therefore, you should focus on optimizing your product titles, their cards and descriptions with those keywords that you have selected for your business. In addition to category pages so that Google knows how to rank them.

It is at this point, where you should focus on having quality content. Explain in detail the advantages that your products offer including your keywords, since this is an important factor of seo for ecommerce.

Include unoptimized images

Another possible error that may be getting in the way of the success of your virtual store is the images of your products. Many times, we focus only on the text and ignore something as important as the photographs of them.

A manual failure that can cost us dearly. And, honestly, this gives a very unprofessional impression, which lowers the confidence of a person who is interested in what you sell.

First, you must have quality images and optimize them correctly for the web size of the file . Why? Because if you don't, our page may take longer to load, which will make our users get impatient and leave. If this happens, Google will consider us unsuitable for the content we are trying to position and we will inevitably go down in the ranking.

Have no blog

Create a blog with really valuable content for your target audience, this will help you position more words. Take advantage of the posts to link to your most relevant related products.

Don't think about design

Design and marketing go hand in hand, and it has always been that way. It is impossible to sell something that is not attractive. The issue is that it is not only about the visual that is captured by the aesthetic; it is a question of functionality.

The design has to be functional, practical and consistent. And this is something that is not always taken into account.


The impact that design has on users is enormous. That will determine your behavior on the web. If they see a site too confusing to navigate, they will leave. And that translates into a low time spent on the web and a high bounce rate. All this is read by Google's algorithm

Therefore, to really have a good design, you must prioritize the user experience.

Have a cumbersome purchase process

This is an important factor to improve the SEO of your ecommerce and make sales. Therefore, you must pay special attention to optimizing the purchase process. In other words, the potential customer can make a purchase in just a few steps and without friction.

The fewer steps a user has to take to meet their goal, the better. If something costs a person too much, they will leave, which translates to low dwell times and erratic behaviors. It is very normal to leave a purchase in the middle because you have to fill in too much data and navigate with different pages. That will affect the SEO of your online store and the sale, since you will have had a bad reference in the first place, and, secondly, lost a customer.

Do not take advantage of external actions to redirect traffic to your online store

It is a mistake to think that to improve the SEO positioning of an ecommerce, only internal actions on the web will be necessary. To drive traffic to the web, it is important to develop a multichannel action to bring quality traffic to the web that boosts your positioning.

How? There are various strategies for this, some are: paid campaigns in Google or social ADS, social networks, guest blogging (participate as a guest in other blogs), sponsorships, link building, etc.

Hope, these tips will be helpful for you. Best of luck.