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How To Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy With E-Books

With the year 2020 just around the corner,it goes without saying that the internet and progressive technology have shaped our current era predominantly. Marketing your business and ventures have exponentially increased to the point where an average American goes through around 4,000 to 10,000 advertisements in a period of 24 hours.Furthermore, with as much as 3.9 billion people actively using the internet, there is no doubt that the online medium has expanded beyond expectations. In recent years we have come to realize just how vital content marketing has become for institutions, people, and corporate entities belonging from different walks of life. To take into account just how impactful content marketing is when it comes to shaping the current landscape of media, let us share with you some statistics compiled by Siege Media recently in their report:

  • Around 92% of marketers around the globe consider the content for a company as a business asset.
  • 70% of online businesses prioritize the quality of their content.
  • 84% of customers expect brands to produce content that creates a value-added experience that entertains them.
  • Long-form blogs generate 9 times more leads.
  • 47% of internet users read blogs daily.

As you can see that the numbers are simply staggering which shows that content marketing is extremely potent and withholds the possibility of offering you a magnanimous amount of ROI (return on investment) if executed correctly. Now that we have established just how powerful content marketing can be, let us now inform you of ways through which you can improve your strategies by incorporating e-books into your marketing mix. So before we ask you to get an ebook tool for yourself, let’s take a quick look at each one of these methods:

Strengthening Your Brands

Perhaps the easiest way to use e-books within your content marketing strategies is to bring more credibility towards your business and brands. Building your brand’s authority and the trust of people around it is considered the topmost priority for every business entity out there. Customers do not want to deal with fraudulent agents or players in the market, they want high-quality services and products for the sum of money they pay to acquire them. Your business can use e-books as a suitable platform to create this trustworthiness regarding your offered amenities. All you need to do is simply create content that directly deals with their requirements and answer their burning questions to provide resolute solutions. While this may sound all technical at the moment, we do recommend that you imbue your e-books with reasonable creativity along the way to make it as engaging as possible for the viewers and prospects. The right way to go about this is to first develop your very own customer persona that deeply resonates with your actual targeted audiences and then brainstorm ideas that can intrigue them. However, it has to be something that is truly unique and original which will not only differentiate you from competitors and rivals within the industry but also help to create value for your end-users.

Creating the‘WOW’ Factor for Your Business

There is no questioning about the fact that e-books over the years have become the industry standard for long-form content that helps to communicate difficult and sophisticated information that can be too complex to relay otherwise. E-books are essentially informational packages that not only seek to educate their readers but also offer them entertainment by breaking down tough as nails concepts into easily understandable and digestible chunks. They are not only a practical solution that offers tremendous utility in the end but they can be creative enough to be visually appealing as well as combine innovation in a thought-provoking manner at the same time. Here are some popularly theorized benefits an e-book has to offer:

  • Inaugurate your business or brand as a thought leader within the industry.
  • Help in delivering resounding applause and a power statement for your business image and general outlook.
  • Offer you a terrific platform that can be used for a plethora of content marketing strategies.
  • Augments your SEO (search engine optimization) as their content is searchable online.
  • You can easily embed them into your message and other correspondence with customers.
  • Provide you with a tremendous opportunity to engage people and increase the visibility of your venture.
  • Pick out prospects as their intent to download and read your e-books designates that they are primed to make a purchase and just one tiny push away to offer you a conversion.

However, with all of this going on, we need to address some issues that can bring about more harm than good. You need to understand that if your e-book receivesa poor distribution on various channels and that you fail to circulate them through various available platforms then their results will naturally lackluster and will be void of creating the desired impact. Furthermore, you need also to understand that your overall design and editorial team need to work hand-in-hand as well as incomplete harmony to create something that is truly marvelous to behold. If your content and e-book design fail to spark a fire then consider it as loss that you cannot simply recover from. Pay attention to detail and make sure that you are here to create a ‘wow’ effect on your business. Any shortcomings should be detested and avoided at all costs. Never let your hard work and effort turn to waste due to some discrepancies, instead always try to go the extra mile to make things work spectacularly for you in the end.

Some Important Pointers to Get It Right the First Time Round

As always there is the right way to go about doing things and then there are those other and more detrimental ways that you should never choose to follow. For writing e-books and making them a winning edge for your content marketing strategies, here are some tips to follow:

  • Your title makes or breaks the deal, hence always make sure that it connects with your audience almost instantaneously. The craving you create should be indispensable to the point where they simply cannot help themselves to read through your material.
  • Next up is your content which should be entertaining and compelling at the same time. To create the value you can use a lot of things like anecdotes, a slice of life, astounding facts and figures, scientific evidence, stimulating visual aid, and much more.
  • Your message for the entire e-book should be direct, precise, unambiguous, accurate, and self-explanatory. You should make things clear from the start so there is simply no room for confusion left to penetrate and make your readers feel as if they were baffled. 
  • The call for action needs to be properly timed and placed or positioned where you have totally grabbed the attention of your readers and they simply cannot or do not want to think about escaping. It should be done in a beautiful and elegant manner.
  • Make your unique selling propositions to stand out so that your audience can clearly distinguish you from the rest and recognize your establishment for what it is and has to offer.
  • Your design and other features should be creatively fashioned so that it engages the reader and keeps them fixated as well as wanting to know more. You never want to bore your audience by offering them a monotonous product that only serves to exhaust them.


Well, that is it for now from our side. We hope this post was able to offer you some meaningful insights regarding how you can improve your content marketing strategy with the help of e-books. For more questions and queries concerning the topic, please feel free to let us know your feedback in the comment section below.   

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