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How to Improve Your Experience with Computers at Work

Computers come in a wide variety of types, and so do experiences with computers. Some employees love their work computer experience so much they try and replicate it at home. Others wish they could use their home computer instead. Most work environments have computers on-site, however, and although that trend may shift over time it’s important to know how to adapt now. Here are some tips on how to adjust your work environment to provide yourself with a better digital experience.

1. Personalization

Personalization helps make a computer feel much more useable. Whether that means you change the desktop background, or you change the mouse settings, don’t be afraid to switch things up for your own comfort during your coffee break. Of course, check with your employer before making any changes to your work computer. If permitted, consider bringing your own mouse or keyboard to improve your performance or ensure that your wrists and fingers are functioning properly. You might also want to consider adding back support to the chair if you’re going to be sitting for long amounts of time.

2. Load Balancing

If your work network is painfully slow and you have any kind of pull in the IT department, consider making a push for load balancing. Load balancing helps your internet network get used most efficiently, and it also helps reduce lag and downtime on your network. Some tasks require massive amounts of network, so load balancing has more practical value than simply helping your network move faster. If you don’t have any influence on IT, consider using an older device when possible to reduce the traffic you create.

3. Software Upgrades

Find out what software your company provides on work computers and make sure your computers have it. Some employees work below their capacity because they are unaware of what software their companies offer. If you need Adobe products or Microsoft Office, check with your employer before purchasing expensive programs you already have. Find out what programs your coworkers use that might be more efficient than your own.

4. Security

Keep your emails and passwords safe. Do not store personal documents on work computers. Computers house all kinds of data, but make sure the computer isn’t storing things that could put your reputation or safety in jeopardy. Avoid scam websites while on work computers because viruses will not only reduce your efficiency, they may also break the computer permanently and leave you responsible for the destruction of a valuable piece of work equipment. In this case, it’s better to be overly cautious.

5. Use Your Computer Properly

There are two primary parts to this. First, make sure that the websites you visit are legal and don’t contain photographs you wouldn’t want your boss to see. Most employers have software that will keep track of the traffic in and out of their work devices or on their network, so you don’t want your computer to be sending out red flags every day, especially if you want to stay employed. Second, don’t play computer games or watch YouTube. Sure, the Internet is full of wonderful, highly entertaining things. Unless a website is required for your job, don’t go there. Don’t waste your employer’s money and put your reputation on the line.

6. If Possible, Own Your Computer

Some workspaces allow you to rotate between computers. If you can, try and stay on one computer. If you’re not allowed to own a personal computer, simply pick a spot and sit their consistently. That way, all the personalizing you’ve done will stick around, documents you’ve been working on will still be there, and you’ll become comfortable with that computer.

Adjusting the work environment to help you have a better experience with computers can be a delicate process, but the boost in productivity is priceless. After clearing your ideas with your employer, get started on making your computer space your own. You won’t regret it.

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