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How to Improve Your Local SEO and Rank on the First Page of Google

Do you own a local business or have one that you are marketing online? If so, you must have realized the essence of local SEO and the complexities that are involved. However, we are happy to share some tips that will make this easier and even make you rank on the first page of Google search engine results pages (SERPs). There are so many changes that introduced on Google algorithms and in most cases this makes it rather difficult for most people to launch effective local SEO campaigns.

The competition on the local search pages has become immense and stiffer. With the updates on the paid ads, it becomes rather difficult to get a favorable spot on the first page of Google. In this simple guide, we are going to explore possible options that will give you better online visibility and improve your rankings. With the tips that we will share, you can improve your local SEO campaigns and this will have a positive effect on the organic search rankings.

How Does Google Determine Local Ranking?

The local search results are based on a couple of factors, which are combined to make the best match for any search query. There are 3 primary factors, namely:

  1. Relevance
  2. Distance
  3. Prominence



This refers to how relevant your business is to what users are searching for. You should provide adequate information so that you can help Google to understand much better, for purposes of ranking.


The distance from the one searching and your business is also another essential factor. Google will rank your business depending on the distance to the user, based on the location details provided.


Just as the word implies, this refers to the popularity of your business. This may be based on the landmarks or other prominent places that your business is located in. Google will also use the information from the internet to determine the prominence in of your brand.

With this understanding, it becomes easier to run your local SEO campaigns and get to the first page of Google. Please note that there is no way that you can pay to rank higher on Google.

Here are some proven tactics that you can use to make your local SEO better and effective.

Google My Business

It goes without saying, Google My Business has become one of the most prominent ranking factors for local SEO. Make use of it and use it to optimize your business. You need to create and verify your Google My Business account. Include the category that you are in and also provide the details of your hours of operation. All the information that you will provide should be correct and verifiable. Once you have the account in place, you can link it to your website and include images, as well.

Link Building

Just like with the conventional search engine optimization, a link building campaign is a great way to succeed in local SEO. It is true that building and earning organic and high-quality links takes time, but it will be worth it. All you need to do is to generate high-quality content that adds value to readers and distribute it through popular channels. You can work with influencers, as well, and link them to your content.

As long as you create high quality and relevant content, the influencers will be happy to give you links that will boost your ranking on Google. Please note that when it comes to links, it is the quality and not the quantity that counts. Your sole focus should be websites with high domain authority and a great link profile. This is a great way to build a reputation for your business and Google views your brand as trustworthy.

Google Reviews

One of the key ranking factors that Google uses,is the trustworthiness of your brand. One sure way of improving this, is through Google user reviews. You will notice that businesses that have very many positive reviews tend to rank higher. As such, you need to cultivate a relationship with customers and other Google users and open up the business to what people say. As long as you are consistent in providing high-quality products or services, then you can be sure that you will attract so many good reviews. It is important to encourage the clients that you know and are your loyal customers to leave a review.

Provide Complete Data

For every search, the results will be based on relevance, among other factors. As such, you should provide complete data of your business on all possible portals like Google My Business. You should verify all the information so as to be sure that it is accurate and this makes it easier for Google to match you to the right searches. When customers know who you are, where you are and what you do, they will want to come to your store. Always make sure that information is up to date and not misleading.

Use Google Maps

Google maps, is another way that you can use to improve your local SEO and rank on the first page of Google. Verify your business location, so that it can appear on Google maps, as well as on Google Search. Embedding a Google map on your site, is also another way to rank higher on Google. This is a great way of telling Google and your customers that your business is located exactly, as in the listings. The best place to have this is on the contact page of your website as users will easily find directions to your business.

Make Your NAP Consistent

The NAP (name address and phone number), is one of the elements that Google pays attention to. You should ensure that it is updated and consistent across all web pages and even social network pages. If there are inconsistencies in the NAP, this may affect your ranking possibilities as this one of the most critical on-page signals. If your target is to rank high on Google organic, local search, then this should be taken into account. In the event that you change any part of the NAP, you should be quick to update it on all the pages to avoid confusion.

Include Photos in Listing

Photos are useful in your listings and this is one of the ways that you can make users connect to your business. Use high-quality images can tell a great story of your business and even potential customers will be attracted to your business. Besides adding photos on your site, you should also include appealing images to Google My Business and other famous listings in your neighborhood.

Make a careful selection of photos and pick the ones that show the best side of your business. Most users will be tempted to click on listings that are accompanied by images and this works in your favor, when it comes to local SEO ranking.


Local SEO is quite competitive and there are so many businesses that aim to be on the first page of Google in local rankings. Google keeps improving the metrics and analytics in its algorithms so as to ensure that users are finding the best matches to their searches. With the tips that we have shared with you, it will be easier to improve your local SEO campaigns and have your business show up on the first page of Google.

With the tactics, in this article, you should have a competitive advantage in your niche. The competition will remain stiff and it is therefore important to keep an eye at the strategies that your competitors may not be using. These tips will work for you and as long as you are consistent, you will be happy with the results in the local SEO ranking for your business.

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