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How To Improve Your Marketing Strategy

Whether you have a new or established business or brand, creating a modern marketing strategy for your small business can be one of the most effective ways to gain success in your community and within your industry. There are many ways to improve your marketing strategy, but here are a few tips that can help you get started.

Know Your Audience

Although there are many marketing strategies for small business, perhaps the easiest way to begin to build and improve upon your marketing strategy is through knowing and targeting the right audience. Knowing your audience can be as simple as analyzing your clientele and figuring out metrics such as age, location and gender, or can require some in-depth analysis into who is viewing your product. When figuring out your audience, ask yourself a few simple questions, such as: Who does my business appeal to? Who can benefit best from my services? What or who is my product made for?

You can also get more involved in this analysis by using tools such as Google Analytics to understand which audiences interact with your online presence the most, giving you good insight into who your target audience is.

Once you figure out who your audience is, you can use this knowledge to create better marketing strategies by specifically targeting specific audiences that are more likely to buy your product or service. For example, if your target audience is females aged 18 to 21, you may be able to appeal to them better through different marketing campaigns, social media strategies and general brand voice.

Get Involved In Your Niche

Getting involved in your specific niche can be a great way to create a bigger name for yourself and create a more far-reaching marketing strategy. There are many ways to get involved with your industry or niche, including things like networking events, hosting virtual or in-person webinars, among other things. Getting involved is also a great way to meet competitors and understand how you should be changing your own strategies based on the performance of your competitors.

Getting involved is also a great way to find brands to endorse or cross-promote with. Cross-promotion, whether it is with a brand within your niche or not, is an excellent way to expand your business's reach and get visibility within niches you may not be in. Oftentimes cross-promotion can help you find potential clients or customers that would not find your product normally.

However, being involved with your niche can also be as simple as interacting with other brands or companies on social media and creating a rapport with others like you.

Getting involved within your niche will help you craft the perfect marketing strategy by observing what others who are in the same industry as you are doing. From there, you can figure out which aspects of your strategy you need to improve upon or which strategies you should adopt to help your marketing be as efficient as possible.

Rebrand Social Media

Rebranding your social media is one of the best ways to change your marketing strategies. With COVID-19 and the new digital age, your online presence should be one of your main focuses.

To create a social media marketing strategy, you should set realistic goals to track progress, such as increasing engagement or increasing conversion rates to your website. However, other metrics can be used depending on the social media platform you choose to use. On Instagram, you may want to look at the performance of your hashtags. For example, which hashtags are doing the best? Are there specific hashtags that are most associated with your business or brand? In addition, creating custom hashtags for different marketing campaigns can be a great way to not only increase visibility, but also get customers or clients engaged in your campaign as well.

Another great way to figure out how to create a social media marketing strategy is to look at close competitors' social media presence. Looking at their interactions, engagements and content can all be great ways to get tips on what to do or perhaps what not to do.

Rebranding or updating your social media presence can help you create a modern, digital marketing strategy that will help you expand your reach to customers or clients that may otherwise not know you.

Drive Traffic With SEO

Driving traffic with SEO can be a great way to update your marketing strategy. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, can help optimize your content for search engines to help your content rank higher, therefore helping you gain visibility towards your target audience. Consider using keywords and key phrases that are relevant to your business to help your SEO performance. Tools like Moz or Yoast can help simplify SEO practices for you.


Marketing strategies can be hard to craft, but they are essential to your small business. Use these tips to help you craft the perfect marketing strategy.

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