Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Reels have become Instagram’s hottest commodity when it comes to engagement. However, if you compare the number of views of an Instagram reel to the number of likes on that same reel, there is often a huge discrepancy. Why? In today’s culture, people have to believe in what they’re supporting. It may not feel like you’re asking much of your Facebook followers when wanting them to like or comment on a post, but it takes time, and time is a luxury with which few easily part. 

  1. Invite people

There’s a reason the phrase “low-hanging fruit” exists. Reach out to family and friends by inviting them to give your page Facebook Likes —if you’re monitoring your content to keep it from being overly promotional and spammy, then it can’t hurt to start with people who already support you as a person! Sometimes, people won’t know about your page until you directly tell them and put it on their radar, which is exactly what an invite does. And who knows, if they like your page and enjoy your content, they may start to share with people outside of your existing sphere!

  1. Go viral

Perhaps one of the most unpredictable engagement strategies is creating viral content. No one can ever guarantee a post will go viral, but there are things you can do to increase your chances. Viral content plays on relatable emotion—in many cases this can be humor, but it can also be love, sorrow, fear, or unity. Content about motherhood can often go viral because there are strong, emotional ties that individuals can connect with and relate to, creating an atmosphere of trust. Take advantage of current news. Weigh the benefits and costs of your potentially viral post: will it cost you more in offending people than what you would gain in supportive engagement?

  1. Show your followers that you care

Responding to comments not only increases the likelihood of follower interaction with your future posts, but it demonstrates to new or prospective followers that their engagement would not be in vain. Increasing engagement is directly connected to building a community, your community, and you want people to know that you are trustworthy and consistent. Responding tells your followers that they are valuable to you. Further, it validates the investment they’ve made—whether that investment is solely the time they’ve put into viewing your content or the emotional investment they have made in connecting to you. Honor that investment—and all your hard work—by responding in a timely manner to followers’ comments.

  1. Talk to your followers

Another thing that Instagram has going for it as far as follower engagement is concerned is the infamous story poll. What are story polls? These are opportunities for influencers to ask their fans questions and have them respond with their answers—providing an excellent tool for engagement! Story polls often become avenues for continuous conversation, saturating a story’s feed for hours if not an entire day. Find ways to ask your Facebook followers questions, then post their answers in your Facebook stories! Highlight individuals by commenting on what they have to say. Separate the divide between you and them so that your followers can truly feel like they are part of an “us”.


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