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How to Increase Towing Power of Your Ford Super Duty

With such a powerful truck at hand as a Ford Super Duty, you may falsely assume that it's all that you can get. While a factory set may be enough for some drivers, others always wonder if there is a possibility to spice things up a notch. The fact is that with the variety of aftermarket accessories, you can improve the towing capacity considerably. All it takes is the right upgrade. There are 5 that I would personally recommend.




Surely, your factory radiator is designed to withstand most that you can push the ride through. However, the best radiator for Powerstroke can do a lot more than that. Do not believe me? If we take a full aluminum radiator that the aftermarket is filled with, it comes with a 3-row construction. The peculiar design ensures that more surface is cooled during the ride. Thus, you can push your Ford to the lengths that you couldn't have dared before. Doesn't this count as towing capacity increase?


Transmission Oil Cooler


Once you work the aftermarket magic on the radiator, you shouldn't forget about the stock transmission oil cooler. The load on your vehicle will increase, and the engine will put up with it only if the aftermarket transmission oil cooler is updated too.


ATF and Engine Oil


There is a reason why there are cheap, average-priced, and premium-cost fluids that help the truck operator. Very often, the drivers stick up with the budget options without thinking in perspective. The thing is that ATF has a direct connection with the transmission. The cheaper the first is, the more polluted the latter will become. So, in the long run, you'll have to spend a fortune on fixing the transmission while you could have saved the fuss and invested into a quality ATF from the beginning. The very same goes for engine oil. The cleaner is the part, the better they will perform and the longer they will serve. As simple as that!


Truck Bed Tonneau Cover


For many drivers, a truck bed tonneau cover is nothing more than a cargo protector or anti-theft accessory. While, in reality, the update has much more to it and can enhance both the towing capacity along the fuel economy. With the accessory installed, the truck becomes more aerodynamic, and that's the main advantage.


Driving manner

If you are a seasoned truck owner, you may skip the part, but all beginners must know the basics. The fact is that the way you drive impacts directly how long your vehicle will serve you and how much you may spend on repairs. Of course, I am not talking about accidents here. What I have in mind is the fact that you should refrain from exploiting your ride to the fullest. Driving at optimal capacity is a sure way to improve the lifetime of the truck along with its towing capacity.


So, as you can see, there is a lot you can do to improve your Ford's performance and towing capacity. All it takes is to invest in a quality upgrade and treat your ride with care!

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