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How To Increase Your Conversion Rates

Increasing your conversion rate is a simple yet challenging task to undertake should you lack the knowledge in that area. Therefore, understanding your target audience and using industry expertise to make an informed decision on your conversion rate will benefit you in the long term. In this article, we will be providing your insight into how you can increase your conversion rate over time.

Optimise Content with Call To Actions

One of the best things you can do when looking to boost conversion rates is to optimise your content with call to actions. They should be kept clear and concise and should entice the reader to download something or fill out a form. This can be tracked as a smart goal and can help you to drive sales through lead generation. Alternatively, a well-optimised call to action in a product description can help to sell products as well as highlight the benefits of a product or service. 

Write Copy For the Customer Not The Search Engine

Though optimisation is important, too often companies spend their time focusing on rankings and the right amount of keyword insertion for that Google ranking. However, in the process of optimising, you then run the risk of losing the character of your business. Therefore, developing a tone of voice for your content is crucial. This optimised content with a more personalised feel can aid in conversion rate optimisation in the long term as it encourages the customer to read the content and find the information that they need.

Add A Live Chat

Another way that you can increaseyour conversion rate as a business is to put together a live chat. This can be accessed throughout the day and can answer any questions that potential customers may have. By putting this in place, you are then able to guide your potential customers down the conversion funnel. This will help the lead generation process as those that have shown on the live chat can then be contacted with a sales call further down the line. It is this process that can then generate more conversions in the long term.

Include Links To Social media Profiles

Much like landing pages, every aspect of your website can benefit from social proof. Whether it is the video testimonials or the profile that you have, this can all help to improve E.A.T ranking and impress customers. However, by including the links to social media platforms as well as the number of followers this provides social proof to your customers and provides them with another avenue at which they can find your website. Whether this is an online shop or a landing page for services, this social proof can help to increase conversions in the long term without spending a small fortune.

Whether you are a small business looking to improve your online presence or a large company looking to improve conversion and reduce bounce rate, each of these tips can help you to achieve that smart goal without having to completely redesign your website.

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