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How to Increase Your e-Commerce Sales Online?

Increasing online sales is the main motive of countless businesses, large and small alike. Whether you are running a new business or have been in business for many years, getting more ecommerce sales will benefit your organization.

There are many ways you can make more e-commerce sales online, crafting better ecommerce marketing strategies for example many of which you can execute right away. Some of these tips focus on particular strategies you can execute, whereas others are more generalized.

Your old methods may have proved good at one point, but eventually, the same previous strategies can grow stale. It’s very important your business is continuously keeping up with new trends.

Here are some top ways to generate more sales on your ecommerce site.

Target your existing customers

When businesses are not facing growth, they immediately think it’s because they don’t have enough customers. Instead of focusing all your effort on getting new customers, you should enhance your customer retention strategy.

Existing customers are already familiar with your brand. They know how to utilize your products, and there’s no need of learning. So focus on strategies to enhance their experience. Try to come up with a customer loyalty program that provides people a discount to spend more money each time they shop.

Get More Ad Clicks with Ad Extensions

If you’re selling products online, ad extensions are a no-brainer – this feature (available in both AdWords and Bing) allows you to create your ad bigger with more clicks. This saves the potential customer a step and makes it quick and straightforward to get exactly what they want (so they go to your website instead of a competitor’s).

Offer Live Chat Support

Sometimes buyers may fail to convert because they have some queries they need to be clarified. So they leave your site, perhaps with the intention of sending you a message or calling you to ask those queries.

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What if you could answer their doubts and solve their issues right then and there? Live chat provides you that support. You can give real-time help to your buyers, which can improve their experience and enable them to find what they want to buy.

According to Comm100, the average buyer satisfaction rate for live chat is 85.39%. And it takes very little time for buyers to get their queries answered with the help of live chat. This improved satisfaction rate and lowered wait time can help you increase ecommerce sales.

Most of the time, buyers will go through with their purchases if their queries have been answered. Live chat can also help buyers find the right product, which can also result in more sales.

Use Video Demonstrations

Consumers love videos. Over half of marketing professionals across the world say that video has the top return on investment compared to other marketing factors. Websites that include videos can get the average customer to spend 88% more time on their pages.

Besides, videos do as well as ads. That’s how the ecommerce brand Robo generated $4.7 million in revenue through video ads. This raises the engagement as well as interest in whatever you’re trying to sell. Videos resonate more with consumers, so they’ll likely remember what they saw as opposed to just reading about it.

For example, if you’re selling a T-shirt, you won’t need to demonstrate how to put on a T-shirt. But if there’s something attractive about your clothing in terms of usage and functionality, a video is an exceptional medium to convey that message.

Use Facebook Exchange retargeting to reduce lost sales

Facebook Advertising can be enormously dominant for acquiring new users and reactivating old ones.

For eCommerce websites, social media platforms like Facebook Exchange is the most effective in reducing shopping cart abandonment.

Facebook Exchange works by dropping a cookie on a consumer’s system when they visit certain pages on your website. If a consumer adds an item to the shopping cart but doesn’t purchase, a cookie can be dropped on their system, signaling Facebook to display an advert on their timeline, encouraging them to buy their product.

In combination with standard Facebook Ads, this technique is perfect. In a study of $1.2M in eCommerce sales, Nanigans found that users who entered FB Exchange remarketing pools after first viewing a standard FB ad purchased 89% more in sales revenue than those who entered FB Exchange remarketing pools from other platforms, such as organically or through search.

Use photos while including customer testimonials

User reviews and testimonials are a great tactic to show proof of concept. But a review from some nameless and faceless person isn’t much convincing. Take your testimonials one step further. Add a photo and relevant information like the person’s full name and title.

Offer a Bulletproof Money-Back Guarantee

Oftentimes, one of the most strong factors in a user’s decision not to purchase something is risk aversion – the desire to avoid a potential loss. Most times, this risk is a money loss. Even small shopping can carry the risk of “shopper’s remorse,” so overcome this exception from the outset by providing a bulletproof money-back guarantee.

Showcase your top-selling items

When a consumer visits your site for the first time, they should not feel lost. You must provide the relevant information in a systematic way. A great step to do so is to highlight your best selling products.

To do so, you can maintain a category of “bestsellers” on your site’s homepage. This can help improve your ecommerce sales. Also, a new consumer on your website will get to learn about your most famous items.

A new user does not know the navigation of your site. Especially if you are running an ecommerce website selling a wide range of products, so, putting your best-selling products right in front of them will surely provide them they want.

For example, Sephora is a renowned retail brand of beauty and makeup products. They maintain a category of bestseller items on their homepage.

Offer Fewer Choices

To many businesses, this option is quite unthinkable. Surely offering a large number of products is a great way to improve sales! Well, not necessarily. In fact, in many instances, so many choices can lead to indecision on the part of the prospect, which in turn results in a decrease in sales.

If you have a large number of products to sell, consider structuring your site or product pages in a way that provides visitors as few choices as possible. This decreases the possibility that the visitor will be overwhelmed by so many products. This can be accomplished by arranging your items into increasingly narrow categories (an added discount of which is offering visitors greater ease to find suitable items), or you could place greater emphasis on less number of individual products. Either way, remember that the more choices you offer, the more likely a shopper is to bounce and go elsewhere.


Wrap Up

These are the most potent ways you can increase ecommerce sales. As you can see, all of these points revolve around the user and enhancing their shopping experience.

You need to make sure buyers can quickly complete their shopping without any issues or payment concerns. And you should also help consumers find what they need as swiftly and smoothly as possible for ecommerce sales.

Author Bio - Connor Danks is an experienced web designer and digital marketer, working for Techies Infotech, a web design and digital marketing agency in Melbourne.

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