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How to Innovatively Use SMS Marketing Software Fully?

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Despite the emergence of modern customer-targeting and lead-generation techniques, SMS marketing still reigns over the market. It isn’t just a system for confirmations and announcements, but rather a systematized tool for boosting lead generation, increasing conversion rates, and constructing eternal relationships with the customers. For this purpose, plenty of SMS marketing software is available out there to cater to your needs. However, it isn’t the software that makes the campaign successful but how well your team utilizes it. So, let’s move on to find out how you can effectively use SMS marketing software and harness its full potential.

1.   Be Clear and Concise

Forwarding a big paragraph with complex information is more likely to be ignored by the customers, because of course, who has the time to read lengthy adverts in this era? It is therefore best to get to the point right away and provide a concise message, which can be easily scanned in a single glance. 

With the limit of 160 characters, you may not have enough space to tell a story, but you can surely attract customers’ attention with an attractive offer. Remember the information should be clear and devoid of all caps, emoticons, and abbreviations. Or it would be hard to read otherwise.

2.   Use Picture Messaging

Not all, but many SMS marketing software are outfitted with picture messaging features, allowing you to say a thousand words with a single message. As per the statistics, MMS or Multimedia Message Services have proven to be more efficient than print media, radio, and even T.V advertisements.

People understand the message easily, respond faster, and are more likely to redeem the offer. Businesses can attach more than one image, depending on the type of software and the size of the files.

3.   Appropriate Placement of Call-To-Action Buttons

For enhanced engagement, the call-to-action button is an essential element of marketing texts. The words and their placement play a monumental role in determining whether the person will click on them or not. The following are some common, but attractive call-to-action buttons:

  • “Click here.” — Often, it is impractical to mention all the details, even when you have compacted the message as much as possible. For instance, if you’re providing information about a newly opened restaurant, it is best to share a video of the venue or a map for interested people. By using this button, you can redirect the readers onto your website or a landing page.
  • “Show this text.” — If you want to engage the customers to avail your promotions, this is a great way to achieve that.
  • “Text-to-Win.” — Prizes and gifts are also a part of marketing strategy to convert leads. This CTA button will help you engage customers and boost traffic to your website while providing benefits to the visiting crowd. So, consider it like a fishing net or a buyer's funnel.
  • “Buy now.” — For targeting potential leads, this button can help you get the job done. When the customers just look for quick shopping solutions, this makes it easier for them.

4.   Set Automated Reminders

Most of the SMS marketing software comes with this handy feature, allowing you to set timers to retarget leads and increase conversions. For instance, if the regular customer, for some reason, has ignored the first message, he might go for your offer the next time. And with an automated feature, you wouldn’t need to rely on outdated manual procedures.

This also helps businesses to maximize the results of the campaign and operational efficiency. So, these texts are, without a doubt, meaningful tactics to compel customers into availing the offers.

5.   Choose the Right Timing

Immediacy is a sizable factor when it comes to SMS marketing. Readers read and forget unless the information is meant for that exact moment. For instance, receiving an advert from the massage parlor right after the enervating workday hits differently than getting one in the morning.

Refrain from sending early messages, or else you won’t be making any difference. Generally, late night and early morning aren’t the best times for sending out such texts. Use the software to set up the right time for each campaign so that your texts are actually read and not swiped away in ignorance.

6.   Use the Data to Segment The Audience.

Marketing is all about how well you organize, interpret, and utilize customer data. That’s where SMS marketing software can help you use the customer data to segment the audience. It means to separate out the potential leads who are interested in your offers. When you have filtered out the leads, you can now focus on them and target them with reminders to convince them into taking your offer or services.

The latest software will allow you to build profiles for each customer that have shown a little bit of interest in your advert. And retargeting them with more convincing and personalized messages will make sure that the customer runs down the buyer’s funnel smoothly.

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