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How To Insert Location In Instagram Posts?

Insert Location In Instagram Posts

Adding the location on Instagram posts makes your followers know where you are. You don’t even need to mention the location, especially in the captions. Many of your friends may even ring you up to meet for coffee. It can be that you are coincidentally in the same city.

Putting the location to any of your Instagram posts is simple. The best part is that place can be added to the post quickly without letting wait for it.

Best way to put locations on Instagram posts

Begin with location tagging on Instagram

  1. Firstly, you need to capture any picture or take a video. The alternate way is to select any photo from the gallery.
  2. Then, can do the editing just by few clicks. For instance, you can crop it or use filters. This is an optional step.
  3. Click on Next option. It will be placed towards the above and corner side.
  4. Then, comes the caption and tagging options in front of you.
  5. Lastly, put the location.

Switch on the Photo Map

  1. Look carefully the place where always you put descriptions like caption, on that page you need to switch on the ‘add to photo map.’
  2. Specify the location
  3. Note that after switching on the Photo Map, you’ll find an option of ‘Name This Location.’
  4. Click on ‘Name This Location’ option.
  5. As soon you’ll click on it, you’ll find that it will be displayed on the search box.
  6. Resulting, a number of the options of nearby locations will be presented before you.
  7. Then any one of the given needs to be done. Either, you need to select any one location from all the displayed nearby location ( with the help of GPS) or else you need to write down the name of the location manually if your preferred location doesn’t get displayed. Generally, prefer the latter option when they went to the small places or non-popular spots that are not inserted to Instagram.

Put caption, do tagging and share among your friends

  1. Prefer adding an attractive caption to your post.
  2. Tag any of your friends to whomever you want.
  3. Select the place wherever you would prefer to share the post.
  4. Lastly, click the publish option to confirm publishing your posts.

Check the location tag

After you’re done with the posting of your image or video you’ll be able to note the given below points over there-

  1. The location will be mentioned in blue color above itself.
  2. After checking to the Photo Map, by clicking the location symbol, you’ll find that your post will also be tagged to the same location as mentioned on the map.

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