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How to install McAfee and activate McAfee Product Key?


If you want to keep your computer secure and thinking about installing McAfee antivirus then you are right. McAfee antivirus is a product that keeps you secure from all malicious threats. It takes care of your internet, data, and device. Whenever any virus tries to enter your device; McAfee actively fights from it and makes sure that your device is fully secure. Downloading and installing McAfee antivirus is very easy. If you have a good internet connection then you can easily get McAfee antivirus from the internet. If your internet is weak then you can purchase the retail box of McAfee antivirus. But your device should have a CD drive. But before installing McAfee antivirus; you should check a few things.

Things to determine before you purchase McAfee antivirus

  • You can only use that plan of McAfee antivirus which is compatible with your device. Every program has some device requirements to install and perform properly. If your device is not able to fulfill the requirements of the plan then you can’t use McAfee. Open your device (PC, Mac or phone) and check all the specifications.
  • Once you check your device specifications; check McAfee's plans. Choose the plan which is compatible with your device. You should buy antivirus according to the features requirement and device compatibility.
  • You should clean out all junk from your device before McAfee installation. Remove the temporary files, browser cookies, caches and other junk from the PC. In case, you have less free disk space then uninstall unnecessary programs from the PC.
  • Two or more security software programs can create conflict. If you want to use McAfee antivirus peacefully then uninstall all other security programs before McAfee installation.

How do I activate my McAfee Product Key?

Installing McAfee Product key online is very simple and you can get your McAfee plan in just 10 minutes. But if you don’t want to fall in any download issues then make sure your internet connection is smooth. Now you can install McAfee by following the steps mentioned below:

  1. Open your computer and search for McAfee website
  2. McAfee homepage will appear
  3. Click on My Account on the upper right side of the page
  4. Now click on Sign-in
  5. If you have McAfee account then enter your credentials and click on Log in
  6. If you don’t have McAfee account then click on Register Now button
  7. Now enter your details like username, password, email address, phone number, country, and language
  8. Now read EULA and press I Agree button
  9. Choose your device type (Windows/Mac)
  10. Click on McAfee plan you want to install
  11. Now press the Download button
  12. Read the License agreement and press Confirm button
  13. Enter your billing details
  14. Press the Buy Now button

Wait for completing the process. After completing the process; a serial number will appear on the screen. Jot down the serial number for later use. Now open the email address you have provided while creating the McAfee account. Open McAfee's email and click on the given URL and McAfee will start installing on your PC. Wait for completing the installation process. You will get an activation window on the screen. Copy and paste the product key you have received in your email. Click on the activate now button. The activation process will take some time. Once your McAfee gets activated; restart your device and scan your computer with your McAfee antivirus.

If you buy the retail copy of McAfee antivirus but your key is now activated then you should ask for the shopkeeper. If you have an internet connection then you can also activate your key. Check your retail card for the registration number. Now follow the given steps for redeeming your McAfee key:

  1. Open your web browser and search the URL given on the card
  2. Now choose your Country and Language
  3. Type the product key imprinted on your card
  4. Enter your email address
  5. Hit the submit button
  6. A confirmation prompt will appear on the screen
  7. Hit the Confirm button
  8. Click on the activate Now button.

Once your McAfee antivirus gets activated; you can use all the features of your antivirus. Open your McAfee dashboard and check all the features to set your antivirus according to your requirements.

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