How to introduce soccer to children of various age groups

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Imagine you are watching a soccer match with your kid and suddenly he/she expresses the wish of learning the soccer skills with great enthusiasm. You may be hoping for the child to forget about it but he/she keeps on pestering you to enroll him/her into a kids football coaching in Bristol. Enrolling your child into soccer classes is a great idea but before that you need to consider from where to start depending on your child’s age.

first steps soccer bristol

  1. Preschoolers( 3-5 years)- Sports for toddlers is just the initial introduction at this age where the child comes to know about the surrounding and what they are supposed to do with the ball. If your child is a bit older around 3-5 years old, it is too early to enroll them in any soccer institute. Instead, you can play with your child at home itself; your child is too young to join any club/institute, wear uniforms and have club affiliations. Allow your child to self-explore and not burden your child by teaching new skills. You will find your child to be more than elated to just kick the ball around with you. Also, it will be a great excuse to bond all the more with your child and what more?
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    You don’t have to be a professional player to play, just an equally enthusiastic participant. By playing with your child individually, development is further induced as the child will get to touch the ball more, and this is their ultimate wish at this age! Playing soccer at home with your child is easy- have a couple of small goals with plastic buckets or other objects and ask your child to shoot while dribbling around you. Defend them in the least possible manner and let them have fun while scoring.

  2. Children (5-7 years)- This is a tender age where you need to know the child well. Football for kids at this age is at the introductory stage- they surely know how to kick the ball but not the professional way. They are familiar with playing soccer at home and is now looking for professional guidance. It is best to enrol them for a basic soccer program at this age where your child will learn the initial soccer skills while having fun. Such programs put more emphasis on learning in a fun way and less emphasis on competition. And if your child has a definite liking for the game, you can enrol him/her in a local youth soccer center.

  1. Kids (7-12 years)- By now if your child is an ardent fan of soccer, then you must search for ‘football coaching near me’. In all probability, your child has been liking and picking up the soccer skills and practicing it whenever it is possible, with friends, family members or neighbors. Enroling in a formal soccer institute will help your child to sharpen the already-pre-existing soccer skills and have a good experience in the field. Before enroling your child in a soccer institute, make sure you review the quality of the soccer programs and make a comparative study with other institutes also. The institute must have soccer courses that starts from the itch, that is, right from the beginning. This will help the child to remember what he/she had learned earlier and whether it was wrong or not.

It has to be admitted that soccer is a beneficial game for children only if the parents know two things- the right age to begin and the psychology of their children. Soccer has shown proven results for encouraging teamwork, developing the mind, building friendships and other memorable bonds.