How To Join Uber With Your Own Car?


Uber has exponentially changed the public transport industry. It is an American technology company that offers multiple services like ride-hailing, food delivery, courier and package delivery. Its ride-sharing service has the biggest market share of 71%. It was founded in 2009, and now it operates in 65 countries and more than 700 cities. Unsurprisingly, it estimates to have about 93 million active users monthly.

How To Join Uber As A Driver? 

Anyone can get their car registered with Uber and earn some bucks, therefore an Uber taxi driver is ascribed as self-employed. But in the UK, according to the recent announcement of Uber, if you work for Uber, you are entitled to employees rights. It means you will get at least a minimum wage per UK law, you will get a pension, and you will also get holiday pays. Now that you get lots of incentives, why don’t you join uber with your car?

Criteria To Become An Uber Driver: 

The criteria for becoming an Uber driver is as follows:

1- You must be at least 21 years old and above.

2- You must hold a valid UK driver’s license


3- You must have a Private hire licence

4- You must have an eligible car.

5- You must have an approved smartphone or tablet.

Steps To Become An Official Uber Captain: 

The only thing that you have to do to become an Uber driver is to sign up on the official page of Uber and fill out the form. The form will ask for some of the personal information about yourself, your license number, car details and information, and whether you have already a private hire license or not. Uber processes your application, and if it approves, it will directly give you access to the app, and you will start working as an Uber driver.

How To Get A Private Hire Licence? 

The most frequent question that people ask is how they can get a private hire licence. So, let’s briefly answer that. The local council where you want to work issues the private hire license, and if you live in London, you can get it from Transport for London.

Required Documents:

Before applying for a private hire licence, you must have the following documents beforehand;

1- Passport

2- National insurance number

3- UK driver’s license

4- Proof of address

5- TfL approved English language qualification

6- DVLA (Driver and vehicle licensing agency) check code

7- Credit card

8- Additional documents if you have lived abroad for the last lat three years or have changed your name etc.

The cost of a private hire licence costs around £700, but this amount varies if you already have some documents.

Steps of Application:

1- Criminal (Dbs)Check: 

For getting this license, you have to prove that you bear a morally good character. For this, you will have to take a DBS check which can cost up to £60

2- Medical Test:

Secondly, you have to prove that you are not suffering from disease and physical impairment. You must be medically fit according to DVLA Group 2 standards. For this, you have to carry out a medical test which may cost up to £80.

3- Topographical Skills Assessment Test:

Topographical skills assessment test checks if you can use guides and maps to locate places and plan routes. For Uber, you can register with the Uber ignition centre and take your topographical assessment there. It can cost up to £50.

4- English Language Test:

You must also be a moderate English speaker, so you will need to take a TfL’s approved test.

You will get your private hire licence if you complete all the steps of the application.


Once you complete all the documentation and fill out the Uber form, you are all set to start driving and earning some money. Do not wait and become an Uber partner right now!!!