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How to Keep Track of Hidden Camera's CCTV on Your Phone?


Hidden cameras are used to protect your home, find out the individuals working performances, having an eye of what the other person is up to, and watching every moment of the individuals. 

Some people use hidden cameras to have an eye on the individuals. For example, if parents are not at home due to any kind of work, they simply check their kids from the camera. Some Kids Trivia information on how to keep track of the hidden camera’s CCTV on your phone is as follows:

Do you feel that someone is watching you with Hidden cameras? 

You could only find out the truth if you are well aware of detecting the presence of hidden cameras CCTV.

Hence don’t need to worry about, some applications are helpful to find hidden cameras with just your smartphones.

How to find those secret Cameras?

Digital surveillance of emails and phone records is not much creepy than someone who is watching your every moment through hidden surveillance cameras.

Commonly, you have filmed in public. You could be appearing on CCTV or a TV news report. Some years ago, it has been become more known with surveillance cameras or CCTV, etc.

Do you feel comfortable with the hidden cameras in the office, room, bathrooms, dressing rooms, and wherever you go? There are some places where you would not expect to find a hidden camera that is observing each moment, such as your way of dealing with things with others or your every act of performance.

If you are not being informed of such cameras that are capturing your movements and tracking your actions and judged.

Hence to overcome this problem you might need to take a stand. Use a Raspberry Pi to have your security camera. It could be your smartphones such as android, IOS phones. 

Phones can detect the hidden Camera’s CCTV:

Image result for Phones can detect the hidden Camera’s CCTV

It is possible to use a smartphone to detect hidden cameras. Using smartphone hardware will detect the electromagnetic fields. Installing a single app, move your smartphone where you think might a camera to be hidden, and if you noticed a strong field that is detected, you must be sure that a camera is hidden within the object or a wall.

If you are suspicious of being watched via a hidden camera somewhere in your company, home, and wherever you go. Android and IOS phone is the best tool to use for detecting several types of observation equipment.

Two common methods to keep track of hidden cameras.

  1. Detect electromagnetic fields by using the phone’s hardware. If a strong field is detected by installing a single application where you can find out the area where a camera is hidden such as inside the wall or the object. 
  2. The second common method is by detecting the light that is redirected or reflected in a lens. This method is not reliable for large objects; it is worth having an application to find small objects on a carpet or floor.

Using Smartphones to Find a Hidden Camera

You will find the apps in the smartphones for keeping the track of Hidden Cameras on your phone. If you are an IOS phone user, Hidden Camera Detector would be the great option to avail. You can download this app and can detect the hidden camera’s CCTV easily. 

Always remember in your mind that other options are available. Having access to an infrared camera would detect a hidden camera. Some low-cost devices such as wireless networking will well appear in the list of Wi-Fi devices in your home.

You can also check the Glint Finder App. Glint Finder is used for visible lens detection. It is used for the detection of visible lenses. 

Another way to detect the hidden camera is by considering a 130 piece of RF detection hardware. This can use to read the signals that are transmitted by wireless cameras.

The way of finding hidden cameras with a phone:

The applications that you used to detect cameras, hidden computers, and speakers. The work is in the same way generally. For example, using the Hidden Camera Detector App. When you load the application and you suspect of being watched by a hidden camera, all that you have to do is to bring the phone closer to the walls or objects. If it shows a red glow it means the camera is hidden inside the object.

The scanner will show 100 when the camera is detected. If you want to detect a greater camera, then Hidden Camera Detector also has an IR mode that is limited to a vertical orientation where you can find cameras that are so far located. This can be completed by pointing out the phone at an area where you suspect of being watched. Look for bright white disk, this indicates the presence of a hidden camera.

Detection of cameras

When you are using these applications, keep it in your mind what technologies are in the room such as TV, computers, or any smart assistants.  

It will affect how you are holding a phone. Hold the phone correctly rather than the sensors placed on your phone would be affected. 

Having problems, you can remove the box. Hence some home materials can block the signals. If you still have problems, remove the phone from the box. Removing the phone will give you faster and precise results.

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