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How To Keep Your Custom Home Construction On Schedule

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How many of you are tired of paying rent? Do you feel bored of living with family members? The solution is close at hand. You could hire an architect to build your home.  In the 21st century, a custom home has become immensely popular. A custom house may be described as a one-of-a-kind house, described for a particular client. It may also be built according to a specific location. If you want, you are free to appoint an architect or a professional home designer to build such a house for you.


However, you need to understand that building a home can be a long process. Nobody would want for an indefinite period to construct such a home . Naturally, you’d want to construct your custom house within schedule. The architect or the home designer will provide an estimate about how long it will take to build the custom home. Veteran architects claim that it takes 4-6 months to build a proper custom house. You need to ensure that the house is complete within the specified time.  Let us discuss how to construct your custom home within the specified schedule. 


  1. Secure Financing- Finances may delay the construction of a custom house indefinitely. You need to streamline paperwork and follow up with the professionals. It is a good idea to do thorough market research before choosing the right lender. The most suitable lender will guide you with financing. 


Opt for a bank that releases the funds at the earliest. It should complete the formalities as soon as possible and be as hassle-free as possible. Do enough market research to find out whether the banks are secure. Any breach of security will cause unnecessary delays.


  1. Choose And Purchase Your Site- You would need to go through several formalities while purchasing a suitable site for your custom house. The construction may take a backseat if the site is faulty. So, visit several sites, before you decide on any particular site. Consider the following points before you choose the following property:


  • Location of the Property

  • Acreage

  • Orientation of the Property


  1. Select A Proper Builder- It is important to choose a proper builder. An inexperienced builder may slow down the construction to a great extent. It is the responsibility of the builder to organize the building task systematically and strategically. 


We can say that the responsibility of constructing a building on time depends upon a builder to a great extent. So, you must do a lot of market research. Select a builder who has a good reputation for constructing houses within the specified time. 


  1. Get The Plans Approved- Several committees approve the plan of a house. The  architects need to submit requisite diagrams and wait till they are approved. You need to be personally involved at this stage. Follow up with the committees and see whether you can interact with the members actively. Find out their opinions on the plans. 


Can you work upon the flaws of the diagram, if any? Any plan has to go through several legal hurdles. So, accepting any plan is time-consuming. Try to get the plans approved at the earliest. Somehow, the government bodies take a lot of time to give the green signal for plans. 


  1. Plan The Design Beforehand- Try to avoid introducing changes to the design after the contract is signed. The more changes you make, the longer it will take to get them approved. Keep in mind that a multi-storeyed custom house takes longer to construct. Stick to the pre-decided design.


  1. Pay Attention To The Weather- Don’t even think about constructing a custom home during the monsoons. Otherwise, it will never be comp

leted on time.  The weather is not in your hands. Learn to act according to it and choose the proper weather. Winter is the ideal time to go ahead with construction during the winter. 



A breach of schedule may have dire consequences. If the custom home is completed on time, it takes a burden off your shoulders. So, make sure that you sign a contract before the construct starts. The contract should mention the schedule in black and white. Once the schedule gets documented, it becomes easier to maintain. 

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