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How to Keep Your HVAC System in A Working Condition?

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HVAC= Heating, Ventilation, And Air Conditioning. 

Now with the changing weather and increased hot and cold fluctuations, one can find an HVAC system very easily. They are means for environmental comfort during excessively hot days. Ventilation in the HVAC system replaces the air in the room making space for the fresh one. IT removes airborne bacteria, carbon dioxide, smoke, heat, and other gases. There are nine main parts to the HVAC system. They include outdoor unit, indoor unit, ducts, exhaust outlets, air return, filter, compressor, blower, coils, and other electrical elements. It is important to keep the system working because it is not a cheap one. It is better to take some preventive measures.

1. Changing the Filters:

A filter filled with dirt particles and debris can sabotage the longevity as well as the efficiency of your cooling and heating system. So, it is important to change them very frequently. Moreover, you could also prevent indoor coil cleaning which costs very high.

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2. Spray Condenser Coil: 

Disconnect the wires, remove the fan and spray down the outdoor coil. Remove the screws holding the fan and then lay it upside down. The wires are long enough so that you can connect the outdoor fan. Spray the coils inside out after taking your garden hose. If you have a coil cleaner, use it and then replace the fan and screws. Turn the disconnect back on.

3. Check Electrical Components:

It is important to check the proper functioning of the electrical parts of the outdoor coil. Do it by removing the fuse and check for connections. Disconnect the stuff and pull the electrical panel and then loosen the wire connections. Otherwise, these connections can cause shorting, arcing, and grounding. If you use a multi-meter, check for capacitors and ensure that they are in the range of +_5%. If they are not, then replace them.

4. Checking Refrigerant Circuit:

Compared to other steps, it is a little complex. You need to check a lot of things such as type of metering device, saturation temps, ambient temperature, and more. A device that is used to check if the circuit without any flaw is the indicator. It checks the temperature between your return air and supply air. The temperature should range from 17 to 23 degrees.

5. Checking the Duct Connections

The lost efficiency and the improper balance of air are the two prime consequences of a loose connection. It can cause real havoc. So, to save the overall performance of the system, fix it with duct tape. Such kinds of tapes and duct sealers are easily available in the local hardware store or any ac repair service provider.

These are the best five ways in which you can keep your HVAC system in the best working condition. If there are any kind of visible dirty vents, look for the foreign particles. They may be hair, dust, dirt, debris, or any other. Make sure vents are open to getting overall indoor comfort. Ensure that the outdoor areas are clean and clear. Generally, an HVAC system works for 8-10 years.

But the rest depends on how efficiently you use it. Moreover, the machinery and quality of equipment used while making also matter to a great extent. If you are facing any kind of problem then don’t hesitate to call experts. There are many companies available in the market that provide such services and keep issues away. The team of experienced and well-trained people makes it possible to have an enjoyable summer.

Taking care of the family and employees is our duty, so, why compromise on any case. You can schedule a call or visit with the professionals. When visited, show them the system, and ask if it can be repaired or a replacement is needed. Call your local ac repair service provider and enjoy the best services with ease.

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